Home Depot: Still Giving the Military Discount Year-Round, and the Veteran’s Discount 4 Weekends A Year

Reader Feedback Requested:  Lowe’s and Home Depot Military Discount and Veterans Discount

In response to the many concerns expressed by my readers, I contacted “my guy” at the Home Depot to confirm that they are still offering a military discount.  He assures me that the Home Depot does still offer a 10% military discount all year, and also still offers the 10% veteran’s discount for weekends a year.

The discount is available everyday to active military service members and their spouses, as well as National Guard and reserve, retiree and disabled service members and their spouses.  We do ask for one of the following IDs:  Common Access Card (CAC); Veteran’s Identification Card (VIC – Must state “Service Connected” for the everyday discount); Uniformed Services ID Card (Tan, Red or Blue).

In addition, we offer a 10% discount to all military personnel and veterans during patriotic national holidays such as July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.

I think it is fabulous that the Home Depot is willing to give such a generous discount to so many people, so often.  I have heard lots of people bashing the Home Depot for not offering their military discount to all veterans, all year long.  I have to respectfully disagree with this viewpoint.

Every business, person, and government entity has to make guidelines for how it works.  Offering a discount to a particular group of people is just one of the millions of guidelines made every day.  The Home Depot has chosen to make these guidelines as clear as possible so that no one will be confused and angry.  (It hasn’t worked, but that certainly can’t be blamed on a lack of clarity.)  They are not trying to dismiss the service of any group of veterans, or be disrespectful.  They’re just setting a clear guideline, and they chose to base their guideline on the decisions of the Department of Defense and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs.  If the Department of Defense and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs puts you into a certain category of current or former personnel or dependents, then the Home Depot very generously offers you the military discount all year round.  If the Department of Defense and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs does not classify you in those certain categories, then you can take advantage of the veteran’s discount on the veteran’s discount weekends.

In my opinion, this is no different than any of the bjillions of other benefits that are offered to certain groups of current and former military members and their dependents.  You don’t get the privilege of shopping at the commissary by being a veteran, you get that privilege by meeting a certain set of criteria decided by the Department of Defense.  You don’t automatically get medical care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you have to qualify.  You can’t get government room rates at a hotel because you were once in the service, you have to meet the hotel’s guidelines for those room rates.  I fail to understand how this situation is any different.

Of course, if you do meet the guidelines to receive a military discount at the Home Depot, and your local store is giving you trouble, that is an entirely different matter and I certainly would pursue that up the chain of command.

I sincerely hope that his helps to clear up confusion about the Home Depot’s military discount and veterans discount policies.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. In My Opinion: All businesses should offer the discount to active and honorable veterans, everyday, all year round, TO BE USED WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS. The Home Depot offers the 10% discount, BUT, it cannot be used with other discounts. The Home Depot puts out a 10% moving discount, all the time, in flyers, online and ads that anyone can use, moving or not and a military person cannot use their military discount with that. Lowes has honored my military discount, to be used in addition with their other 'everyday' discounts, which is the way it should be. Anyone can go online to get a 10% discount, or 10% 'moving' discount, for somethin,g and NOT have to show proof or ID to get it.

  2. Good morning to All
    We have taken advantage of this many times from as small $45.00 up to $2000
    only once H/D gave me a problem. I went to next H/D location and got my 10%
    I want to Thank All


  4. Ken In Michigan | May 7, 2011 at 1:26 pm |

    That's why I have a LOWES down the street and That's where I will do all my home needs from now on…Home Depot wants refuse me any discounts…they don't need any of my money….that's my price and comments to them BIOYA

  5. I went to Home Depot and bought washer and only got 10% military discount. Even talked with management and it didn't do any good. Next time I will check out Lowes. they're right beside each other anyway. lol

  6. jerry logan | May 11, 2011 at 9:01 am |

    Why should receiving the additional 10% military discount, in addition to, and in conjunction with a current 10% promotion, every non-military, regular customer receives, just by walking into the store, depend on speaking to the "right person or manager"? It should be automatic, as long as you can prove you are indeed a veteran. And why should a Home Depot employee, who receives no discount at all, veteran or not, when making any purchase, and asks for his company to meet one of their competitors current sale prices, which are lower than Home Deports, be told that they cannot be accomodated, and in addition be told that it would not look good for them if they asked for this accomodation. What else can you expect from a company that treats one of their own employees like that?

  7. Gail Julian-Fiorini | May 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm |

    My neighbor is a vet from the Korean war and was refused his discount because he doesn't have a picture ID from the VA, and has had trouble trying to get one. Why won't they accept his driver's license and veteran's card? Back in his day the id did not have a picture. Seems like Lowes is losing his family's business over being refused the discount. He had gotten it for 3 years before being refused. How can we help him?

  8. I went into buy a flag at Lowes and I was told I could not use my 10%, I walked out. Just two weeks ago I got all of my discount on my dish washer- so who knows. I guess I should have asked to talk with a manager.

  9. I just went to my local HD and purchased >$200 of lighting and plumbing products. When I went to check out I gave the cashier my Disabled Veteran card and she told me that HD was no longer honoring the Veterans discount. She said I could go to the Customer service desk and speak to a manager to see if I could get the discount. I sent my wife out to put the stuff in the truck convinced that I would get the discount , but was told the same thing. I told my wife to bring the goods back into the store to return them which she did and as i was returning them I told the manager that I would be doing my business with Lowes as they have always given me a discount, even without showing them my card. The manager then said "Well that's different, If Lowes will give you the discount then we will also, you just have to say that!!" I told him no thanks at that point having wasted 20 minutes of my time and being totally embarrased. I will never shop at HD again, and they were my favorite store!

  10. I am used to receiving the military discount at Home Depot, so I don't know why I checked the internet this morning concerning the discount. I found this article and felt reassured. Went to Home Depot and had a custom color of stain mixed and picked up a few other items. As I was checking out I was told that they only give the discount four times a year now on certain holiday weekends. I walked out without making my purchase. The money amount was small, so it wasn't really the issue. The issue is that it felt like a slap. Every time I have received the discount it meant that in a small way all of the sacrifices that our family has made for 21 years is recognized and appreciated.

    I did go to another Home Depot and was told the same thing, though the young man did give the discount as a courtesy. I really like Home Depot and hope that they will clarify this issue with their employees. I really think that the company issued this change. It's bad business and I hope they rethink this policy.

  11. Yeah hey thats great and all but what about the veterans who served and got out healthy, we just disappear back into society . No cards Not retired Not Disabled.

  12. I went to buy new fencing this morning after our fence got blown down in the recent tornado here in Texas. I have a red ID card, and like everyone else have been getting the 10% discount everyday, but today was denied! I was also told they just recently changed their policy and it is only on holidays.

    After reading the information here, I checked out their website and the new policy is now up. I think the new policy has not been clearly communicated through-out the chain because the website does state they do honor the 10% discount for certain military members everyday.

    I have printed out the new policy straight from their website and I will be making a visit to the store manager to make sure they understand the new policy. Then I will be making a trip to Lowes to buy the rest of the items I need.

  13. Yet another story by Kate about military discounts being given while boat loads of commenter's are noting that the discounts are not being honored. After looking through all the "Military Discount" posts made by Kate on this site and then reading the comments, I am fully convinced that this "person" is on the Home Depot payroll.

  14. I went to a Home Depot today with my Veterans ID I picked up in Hauppauge NY because they no longer accepted my DD214. I was refused a 10% discount. The store manager or asst. manager said I did not qualify with this ID. I served during the Vietnam War but was not there in combat. I was stationed in the US. Why will they not offer this discount?

  15. I will now take our business to Lowe"s. Home Depot you are on your way OUT……… I served during the Vietnam War, and some of the sights I saw are with me to this day. Tell me I was not in combat, you have no idea. You need get out behind that desk of yours and put your life on the line making less then $10.00 a day.

  16. i am a disabled vietnam veteran and was refused the 10 percent discount at the danvers , massachusetts store i showed them my dd214 and a va card that i was issued many years ago but it was not accepted i was never issued a special va card id i use my own private physician and hospitals for my care not the va lowes did honor my old va card and dd214 i hold no animosity towards home depot just to express my comments

  17. Today is August 21, 2011 and we just got back from Home Depot. We were told that Home Depot no longer offers 10% discount to retirees, dependents, etc., – only active duty members and their dependents are eligible for this discount – the exception being that it is offered to all military personnel during four Patriotic weekends during the year. We are in Laconia, NH. We are disappointed in Home Depot but it's not the only situation with the store that has sent us to other big box stores in the area.

  18. Two wars, a crushed disc and hearing is shot. Yes, I qualify for disability but I function well, own my own business (which means I'm the first to lose my paycheck and the last to get it back and am one of the lowest paid employees) and see no reason to apply. I went a year with no paycheck awhile back and had to sign up with the VA. Made a little money last year and got unceremoniously kicked to the curb. I spent six years serving and have lived with the constant pain of my service with no complaints. I even understand HD's policy, if it covered all vets it would cost them more profit. But I have never felt so unappreciated for my service as the day I showed the young lady at Home Depot my VA card (which up to that point wasn't worth carrying except to get a discount at HD) and she rudely quipped "That's not going to get you a discount". If she would have been polite and explained the policy I would have understood, paid for my item and left disappointed but okay with it.

  19. Greedy asses. I served three tours in Somalia, Iraq and Afganistan. Your little tirades over 10% off at a private business shows the attitude of some of our service members. It's all "Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimme" I served in (Insert conflict here) and I demand you honor my service. I have never asked for a discount as it was a pleasure just to serve my country. I suggest you "veterans" get your priorities straight and keep the main thing the main thing. All we deserve is a thank you and that's it. Putting yourself on a pedestal above your fellow countrymen serves no purpose.

  20. Gary…The Military People DESERVE a discount..NOT YOU.

  21. II live just outside Nashville, TN and all my HD's in the area never question giving me a 10% discount. Yes, I have a Veterans Universal Access ID and under my picture it states "SERVICE CONNECTED" but the US Flag background and the seal are a little different than the one on the sheets at the HD register. I have had this card for about 10 years and they have changed a bit. I am in Palm Bay FL and I went to the HD and bang, was told my ID was no longer valid for the 10% discount. Well, if there has been a universal policy change, I would like to be advised as it affects the way I make my shopping choices. In some ways I agree with the comment here about Veteran's Entitlements and in some cases we expect more than our service entitles us to from private business or the public in general but when it comes to a commercial business, I deserve the information about the pricing policy so I can select where I am going to do business. (Continued on next comment)

  22. (Continued from previous comment.)
    The reason for giving the 10% discount is being twisted from being “promotional” commercial business to one of some act of benevolence to military personnel and disabled veterans. I have never been denied a 10% discount on any "major" purchase at Home Depot, Lowes or even Ace Hardware when I specifically requested it as a condition of purchase irrespective of my being a service connected disabled veteran. So the issue here is that HD's own management has become confused about the discounting policy and as a result is again making a major marketing blunder. They were getting their butts kicked by Lowes in customer satisfaction to a point it was affecting their sales based upon the store employee's attitudes and they way they treated customers. They have spent millions of dollars on refocusing and training their staff to become more customer responsive and to provide more service. But they somehow are still missing the point. RayL – Vietnam 68-69 – Bloody Red One – "First In, Last Out" Rangers…

  23. Michael Miller | September 17, 2011 at 10:58 am |

    Went into Home Depo today and tried to use my Veterans discount and was told unless I am Rated disabled or Retired there is no discount. But the cashier lady gave it to me since I did not know. I could not believe it. I have used the 10% discount for years. It’s another insult to use regular veterans. It’s their business I understand. It’s another insult to us Regular veterans. I served 93-97. All peacetime. Not my fault there was no war then. or any deployments. It was a huge insult to make 9/11 Vets only up get the new GI bill. It seems like every Vet I meet after 9/11 has PTSD. I think the number of Veterans using the discount was to much money lost. So the Depo knew there are less Retired and disabled then regular vets.

  24. In Mt Pleasant, Tx this is also a problem. I have to wonder if the soloution is not very simple with all veterans affairs problem. Why not make Congress put the following into effect and add to all expenditures bills. If you have a contrqct in any government function then you must honor ALL veterans through the same method of proof used by the US Governmewnt as applied to discounts . ??That would be DD214 and Drivers liscense. Congress has the power to limit how they conduct business and criteria for letting out contracts , if they do not follow that then the contract is void. That would mean a REAL loss of money and the problem would be solved.

  25. You are right about the discount. Lowe's will give you a 5% discount when using their card, or you can get 10% military discount. You cannot get both. So in all reality you are only getting a 5% no matter how you look at it. Go figure. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping at Lowe's.

  26. So Home Depot no longer offers the 10% discount to Veterans, except on a couple of National Holidays……………… So I no longer am a Home Depot customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it HD!!!! LOWES offers the 10% discount Everyday!!!

    If all of us Veterans Boycott Home Depot…………They'll see how many of us there are!!!

  27. I'm a retiree and have had no difficulty with obtaining the 10% discount using my retiree military card and have used it this week, Wednesday 9/28/2011 to be exact. My neighbor, today 9/29/2011 was denied the 10% discount at another Home Depot. I then tried to find HD's policy on their website with no luck. The only thing I would ask is that they provide their CURRENT policy regarding military service on their website would be very beneficial. The issue that HD now has is how many military personnel will now go to Lowes because there is confusion. Being able to read in hard print would be helpful so those military personnel that ARE elgible can take a "hard copy" printout from the website with them if there is confusion at any HD.

  28. Richard Beaudoin | October 9, 2011 at 9:12 pm |

    Home Depot in Plymouth, Ma doesn't give a discount to all veteran.
    They are selective.
    I served my country. like all veterans.
    Take your business to Lowe's , they accept all veterans and have great customer service.
    Home Depot's loss is Lowe's Gain.

  29. They DO NOT offer the military discount to all veterans. They offer only to active military. This is as of 10/10/11 in state of RI. HD needs to get this straight.

  30. Thomas Williams | October 13, 2011 at 10:05 am |

    you are so correct of home depot. that is why I go to lowes they proudly give you ten percent discount all you have to do is show a military ID retired and all

    I am in Georgia and home depot is higher and more unorganized than lowes.

  31. Home Depot in Plymouth, Ma doesn't give a discount to all veteran.
    They are selective.
    I served my country. like all veterans.
    Take your business to Lowe's , they accept all veterans and have great customer service.
    Home Depot's loss is Lowe's Gain.

    This is changed, I was just at lowes and the lady pointed out that I had an out of date military ID and I am no longer eligible for the 10% discount. I am no retired from the military but I am a war vet with an honorable discharge. Seems like H/D and lowes both have the same discount policy. I will have to look else where for my discounts.

  32. What is wrong with you people. Nobody owes me anything. I accept gifts with gratitude and don’t whine when other receive something I don’t get. At least I quit doing it when I turned six.

    As a veteran I am embarrassed by many of these postings. It reminds me of why I was told to always wear the uniform properly. You represent all who have ever worn it.

  33. On Veterans Day weekend Lowes would not give me a Veterans discount. I am not retired nor disabled. The only proof I have of my veteran status is my DD-214 (with my SSN on it, besides they wouldnt understand it) and my county Return the Favor program card, which Lowes doesn't recognize.

    Saying they give out a discount to all veterans on Veterans day is just false advertisment. They do not alter their id requirements therefore if you are a veteran who is not retired or disabled, you will not receive a discount.

    The manager even said that a county issued document is not nationally legit. I then asked him if his drivers license is bogus since counties run the DMV's.

  34. Discount or not, I have never purchased anything from them that I did not have to make two or three return trips back. Don't bother looking for any thing made in the USA.

  35. I don’t believe I have ever seen so much whining going on in my life AND that includes from my small children! Dang, I thought for a minute I was in France! Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but to rip in to any company that is offering a discount because they alter the terms of THEIR discount simply doesn’t make sense to me. Be grateful for what they offer because they don’t have to offer a discount to anyone. I recall, when I was a cop, a local O-6 poultry establishment stopped their discount because one idiot tried to use it on his way home after work and was trying to get three buckets of chicken for the family! GM called him on it, cop pissed and moaned, no more discount for anyone. If what has been written on here is accurate, then we are still extremely lucky HD offers the discount at all. I’m counting myself extra-super lucky since the discount saved me almost $200.00 last night. No service connected disability, not retired, just a plain old veteran of four active Army and eight ARNG with an expired ID from my Guard time. Just my two cents worth even though it’s not worth even that much. ;0)

  36. I'm a Florida resident now, where they put a "V" on your drivers license if you are a veteran. I have a "V" on my drivers' license and tonight at Home Depot they refused to give me a military / veteran discount… but across the street at Lowes the night before, NO PROBLEM 10% off. And worse, was the attitude of the cashier, who in conversation her husband is a vet also… She didn't know the "V" on the drivers license and asked to see mine. I showed her, then she asked how do you get it on there??? WOW, I mean this HOME DEPOT LADY CASHER HAD AN ATTITUDE, I told her you have to show your Honorable Discharge and then they put it on… Still no discount at Home Depot thought. Guess WHO will get most of my business, LOWES… Thank you LOWES… OH, and if you want to know the store it's at the corner of I-75 and Lee Blvd, (also called Colonial) Fort Myers, Florida. Both stores are there and BOY what a different in attitude and service between the 2… I just remodeled 3 houses, spent thousands, LOWES got the lion share of the business.

  37. Discount!, Discount! I served, you served. Did we do it for a Discount? I think not.

  38. I normally receive a military discount on items purchased from HD I am mil ret and 70%Va disabled. I was under the impression that the discount applied to all purchases. Recently denied discount on gift. cards

  39. Anyone that works for the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense should be included in the 10%. We all serve.

  40. Note to Home Depot:: Maybe all veterans should only on weekends.Where would our country be today.

  41. I went to a Lowe's to purchase a ladder that was on sale, for Thanksgiving sale…it was sold out, so I had them look at 3 other stores, sold out. I went home and found I could order over the phone, the last one in my whole area, in a Tampa store, near McDill AFB, when I went to pick it up, was told my 10 percent discount did not apply, because I paid for it over the phone. This was the only way I could find one that was left. As aside, before I could pick it up, the store manager called and said they did not have it anymore, sold to someone else. I called the 800 number back again…and they made the store order me another one.

  42. It seems like there is only one ass on this comment page and that is you!
    What gives you the right to call any veteran a greedy ass? Maybe you should look in the mirror, and you will see a ass!

  43. Was at Home Depot today to buy a few hardware items. I usually go to Lowes, where I show them my VA card, and get 10% off everything, whether it's on sale or not. Home depot happened to be on the way home for me, so stopped in there to get what I needed. Was told Veterans don't get a discount. So left the things at the counter, and told them, I'll go to Lowes, since they appreciate our service, and always give Veterans a discount. The young, tattooed, female "supervisor" said Oh well, sorry about that! That was my last shopping trip to Home Depot. It's Lowes for me from now on, even if it's not convenient.

  44. I don't have a problem with showing my military ID, what I do have a problem with is registering as a military member with HD. I don't want myself or my family targeted as a military family and when I am gone I don't want contractors going to my house offering "military specials". Yes ask for the ID, but you shouldn't have to "register" for the discount.

    I also have a problem with the "service disconnected" statement that they want on some of the VA cards. Last time I checked that is a HIPPA violation to disclose medical conditions which is why the VA stopped putting on the IDs if they have a service connected disability or not.

  45. Sgt. Kaelin | March 7, 2012 at 12:06 am |

    Home Depot could get Sued! it is a HIPPA Violation to request any information about anyone's health condition!!!!! That's why the VA's Policy is to not put anything on any ID Card that says you are Disabled!! I would Love to have them refuse me that discount as a Veteran! also! if you walk in their store with a Dog! they also cannot ask you what disibility you have that requires you to have a Service Animal!……..

  46. I am a vet, don't "qualify" for any discounts other than "patriotic weekends".i haven't asked for the discounts ever but may in the future. What bothers me is the whining about not getting the discount for "XYZ". In this country that we all served to protect and uphold, it is the right of the business to conduct it as it sees fit. (with obvious exceptions of course).
    I have the utmost respect for everyone's duty and sacrifices that were made. But the whining brings you a little short of moral fiber and military bearing we presumably all once had.
    BTW some NH communities offer tax breaks on property taxes for veterans during approved conflicts. I am gratefull for the others and proud of my neighbors even though I dont qualify. If you don't qualify, don't whine.

  47. My Home Depot and Lowes take my blue Retired Id card and give me the 10%.
    Had one clerk say My ID looked like a photo copy! Said yeah it even copied the holigraph on it. I then flopped my VA card and a copy of my disability license from the state and a copy of my disablity letter on the counter with a
    "Any Questions" got a "no sir" and the 10%. Was worth it just to see her face and hear the guy behind me laughing.

  48. iwouldrathershopathomedepotiftheydidintgiveadiscountthantogotolowesatleastyoucangethelpwhenlookingforsomethingiamavietmanvetrianlowesistheworststoresihaveevershoppedilovehomedepotstorestheyaremuchcleaner

  49. Reading through these comments is just so sad. If these comments are representative of vets experiences in general, then HD and Lowes either need to eliminate the discount or open it up entirely and stop with all the confusing rules. They're trying to do something good but at the same time I can see them not wanting to give a 10% discount to everyone and their brother since it could cost the a thousands a day in sales. There are so many situations where people will have different stories and different documentation that it's hard for the cashiers to make a determination, and that's where the problem starts. What do they do when a guy comes in on prosthetic legs and says he doesn't have his ID on him but his legs were blown off in Afghanistan and he wants his discount? The store is in a no-win situation.

  50. VegasSmitty | April 4, 2012 at 7:51 pm |

    I shop exclusively for home products at Lowes, They never question my retired ID card. And there usually less expensive then HD in my area.

  51. Home Depot no longer offers the discount without restrictions. The VA issued ID which is used for your military medical benefit is no longer valid at home depot unless it states on the card that you have a military related disability. Go figure….

  52. Roscoe Gray | April 9, 2012 at 10:43 pm |

    When I shop at Home Depot I have no problem because I wear my Disable Vietnam Vereran Cap.Plus I show the cashier my D.A.V. I.D. card. And I leave with a thanks for your service.

  53. Lester B. Harmon sr | May 7, 2012 at 6:50 pm |

    Home Depot missed a sell this time of $400.00 for not gaving me the 10% discount for military service 50 years ago. Lowes is my store to shop at now . Discount there with my card. Sure there will be lots more shopping at Lowes in the future.

  54. what is the penalty for allowing you Father, same name, to use your ID to get the discount?

  55. We shop at LOWES for many reason… 1) Staff more professional and knowledgeable.. 2) Creative .. meaning while give suggestions to help resolve problems..

  56. Linda DeMeester | May 28, 2012 at 11:48 am |

    We went to Home Depot in Bensalem, Pa today, Memorial Day and was told that we could not get the military discount on anything that is already on sale! Glad to see that Lowes offers double discounts. We enjoy shopping there much more than Home Depot anyway, cleaner and more knowledgeable staff.

  57. I asked for a military discoun at Home Depot using my retired military ID and was told that I had to register at the counter in order to get my 10% discount. You find this out in the checkout line. Another reason I like Lowes better than Home Depot.

  58. CDR Jones USCG | May 28, 2012 at 7:38 pm |

    I am a retired from active duty combat and disabled veteran. Today I made a large purchase at Home Depot$350.00 and was told the 10% discount did not apply to everything that I purchased….some things are already discounted so they don't count..I guess I will take it up with their corporate office…

  59. There should be a military discount… for anybody who was drafted. After that you CHOSE to join the military and make it your career.

  60. I recently visited our local Home depot in Marion, Illinois and they refused to give me the veteran discount. I left the cart there at the register and went to Lowes. Menards CEO, Menard himself think when he gives the veteran a discount 2 or 3 times a year is enough. Veterans shoul support those companies that were built on the freedom the vets provided.

  61. Rick in Boise ID | July 18, 2012 at 6:16 pm |

    As of 16 Jul 12, the super easy to use, just show your ID card at the register, 10% discount is OVER. I tried today, and had to go register, give my address and email, and was told I'd be getting coupons via email that would allow me the 10% discount. I was told, "this is a better program, because you can share the coupons with others." WHAT??? It is not better, it's just a hassle. But they did give me the 10% on my purchase after I gave them the info.

  62. william bramlett | July 24, 2012 at 7:50 am |

    Just go to Lowes, there is always on near by. Shopped at Home Depot last week and was denied because I only had my dr lic.

  63. I went to Home Depot yesterday and was told my Veterans Affairs ID had to have "disabled" on it to receive the discount I had been receiving. I'm pleased that Home Depot gives a discount to active duty military, their families and disabled veterans. But I believe they are discounting my service and disrespecting me by not giving me a discount as well. I gave 8 years of service to this country. True I was not disabled while serving active duty. However, the government does qualify me for medical treatment at the VA Clinic. This has done nothing but create ill will. I for one will shop at Lowe's where my service to my country is appreciated and I don't have to apologize for not being disabled.

  64. Went to Home Depot today and asked about the discount. Showed my VA card with "service connected" but did not receive the discount. I called and spoke to customer service at the same store. The guy said "no" to the discount. I, like others, will shop at Lowe's where I get the discount. In fact, the first time I went to Lowe's and was applying for a store CC, the CS Rep told me to make sure I got my 10% discount. She had seen my VA card when I pulled out my license. After the experience at Lowe's I decided to inquire at Home Depot: case closed.

  65. I am retired military. I spent 27 years on active duty so I qualify for the military discounts offered by Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

    I own property and I’m a regular at the home improvement stores so I believe I pretty accurate about the military discounts and this is what I’ve discovered.

    Home Depot gives a military discount on almost everything. An example of this is:
    If an item is on a reduced sale, the military discount “Does Not” apply.
    I’ve purchased pressure treated lumber and the military discount “Does Not” apply.
    I tried this at several Home Depot Stores in my area and they all follow the same program.

    Lowe’s Home Improvement on the other hand applies the military discount to all items, including pressure treated lumber, corporate approved clearance items and sales items.

    For Veterans, the discount applies only during certain times of the year. I believe those times are Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Veterans Day weekend. There may be some other weekends, but I believe these are the biggies.

    So choose the one that is best for you. Enjoy.

  66. You know, maybe it's time to THANK Lowes, Home Depot, and any other business that offers a veterans discount at any time rather than being angry that they impose some restrictions on their gift to veterans. How many other places that you shop offer a Vet anything, active or inactive. I served for 4 years, with 3 of them being overseas. I was a little ticked off when Home Depot changed their policy ( or enforced it ) to major holidays only for inactive vets. Then as I was about to write a letter, it finally dawned on me… "hey, wait a second, these guys are doing something for vets, which is a hell of a lot better than almost anyone else I deal with". I served with pride, I expected nothing in return, and am thankful every time I see a business that offers a discount as their way of saying thanks to all veterans. Sure beats the response my generation got when we came home .

    What we should be doing is encouraging our GOVERNMENT to work with businesses to honor veterans, and allow them to get tax relief based on the discounts they give annually to veterans!

  67. James Wood | May 29, 2013 at 3:18 pm |

    I think what hd is offering our vets is a disgrace and I will NOT shop at hd again, why should I, there are plenty of LOWES around and they do give us discounts and have a better selection.

  68. Home Depot likes to promote that they give veterans discounts, so they can increase their business and improve their bottom line. A 10% discount, still allows them to make a huge profit; while getting the sales. Current HD policy now gives veterans 10% discounts only on 4th July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. When veterans serve, they serve 365 days a year, not just on four holidays. Information out of our local office says HD gives veterans 10% discounts all year long. Since that's not true, your should stop promoting that idea, so you can make sales. For businesses like you and people like you that feel being a veteran doesn't count for much, or all you think is Thanks for serving. That's OK, just don't promote your Veterans BS so you can make a sales. There's plenty of other businesses that appreciate veterans.

  69. I'm a Veteran living on Long Island, NY and only Lowes is kind enough to give a 10% discount year round. I shop at HomeDepot trying to use my VA card and was refused a discounton every purchase. It's an insult to us regular veterans who served our country

  70. Went to Home Depot in Rogers AR today and asked for my 10% VA discount that they have widely advertized in the past. I was refused the discount because my Veteran picture ID did not state "Service related". I guess they have changed their policy (very quitely). I walked out but not before registering my complaint to the manager. The discount would have only amounted to $1.57 but since they are being sneaky and not letting people know that they have cut it out hoping that people will comtinue shopping there and feeling that Lowes had adopted the same policy…….I went down the street to Lowes and before doing my shopping, asked the customer service rep if they still gave the 10% discount to all veterans and showed my VA card to her. She said no problem & THANKED ME FOR MY SERVICE TO MY COUNTRY……I will never darken the orange box again….. all my business will go to LOWES who seems to be much more ethical in their dealings. I came home tonight and went thru my files and discovered that I have unfortunately spent in excess of $20K over the past 20 years at Home Depot ……No more, I cut up my HD card and will apply for a LOWES card tomorrow. Let me be clear- I'm not upset because they discontuned the discount- just in the manner that they tried to quietly sneak it by the public. I would encourage any veteran who shops at Home Depot to re-consider and go next door to Lowes.

  71. Lowes in Buffalo NY area has never given me a problem with my id I make all high cost purchases with them. I stay away from HD at all costs have one at my back door but I drive eight miles farther to shop Lowes

  72. Hey, never knew about hd discount till I seen/heard another vet use/ask for it. So far they still honor us here in cali, except for sale/marked downs and lumber(osb, drywall, etc) for some reason; they used to offer the discount on lumber? Who knows/ I looked for their policy online, if there, it is sure hidden well. If they offer a vet discount and I am shopping there anyway, hell yes I want it with thank- Big Red One

  73. the home depot military discount is a confusing issue. within the last six months i moved to the pensacola area. where i moved from there was never a question as to whether i rated the discount. i showed my va card and i received the discount. from looking at the age of some of these comments, the discount has been available much longer than i have been using it. i never did anything to deserve it and if it is revoked, so be it. but my only issue is if home depot wants to wave the flag and say we support the military and get the advertisement for supporting the military by telling in big ads in the newspaper that we give discounts to all military personnel, just do it. when i first arrived in the pensacola, i regularly received the discount for all of the products i was buying to renovate an older house i had bought. but as time went by i was frequently told that i didn't have the proper id to rate the discount. now that i have the proper discount, i am told that everything i buy is not on the discount list. would like to find the list, but guess it is kept in the same vault with the keebler cookie recipe, my deceased mother's chocolate fudge recipe and the list of reasons people think the obamacare program will work. when i suggest home depot discontinue their discount program, it is because it has outlived it's original purpose and the very people that it was designed to recognize are now made to feel as if they are trying to steal something. thanx home depot for your recognizing us for our years of service and our disabilities we received as a result of that service. far too many of us were spit upon when returning from vietnam, because we were part of an unpopular conflict. it is time to throw in the towel and discontinue the discount policy. home depot management got caught up in the flag waving frenzy created by those in the government that never served in the military and were trying to make themselves appear to be patriots. once again, home depot, get back to the basics and stop waving a flag for those that are costing you too much money to honor. if the discount policy is creating an unstable financial condition at home depot, kill the policy. we're still going to buy your products and there will be no reason to insult the vets that try to get the discount and there will be less stress by the no longer useful policy. craig

  74. Home Depot told me that they were not giving military discounts on lumber and they said they don't give it on air conditioners either.at least not at the one on Lynnhaven pkwy in Va beach.

  75. My opinion in reference to the VA 10% discounts you owe me nothing but when you start a program and then make changes it does not sit well with some. It only creates confusion among employees and customers. Just think when one store your competitor excepts that 10% where is your business going? One by one you make your customers and one by you loose them. Policies can be broken without recourse in some cases. CEOs are not Ivan you store Managers have to make the last calls in all transactions. So put your big boy pants on profits are profits no matter how small. The reason you got the job is that they felt, as appointing you to store manager you could handle all aspects in running the store! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for example if you were my platoon leader and had to make a call in losing ten men in order to save 200 what would you do? Sometimes it's hard in making judgment calls but needs to be done. If you were my store manager id have to let you go for lack of judgement in satisfying all concerned. Your job is to put out directives and make your employees understand your policies and that you make the final calls in your store. This will avoid confrontation with customers and you will have satisfied customers who will return. In summation just ponder over this where would you be today if these great men who sacrificed there lives in order for you to get where your at today less we forget.

  76. I am 60% service connected, I have purchased from HD for about 20 years with no problem on 10% discount. Today I bought 1/2 PVC pipe and connector to find out I was refused the 10%. Unemployed for the longest hoping to save when buying supplies for the home. HOME DEPOT SUCKS. We all should boycott them and shop elsewhere.

  77. Donald Lewis | November 7, 2014 at 8:32 pm |

    Home Depot and Lowe's will not accept a Ma. Drivers License that says Veteran on it for the 10% percent discount. My own experience.

  78. I don't understand why Home Depot denies military discount to past veterans who served less than full retirement. Our service served to keep this country free. If we had not served there might not be a Home Depot and we might be bowing to mr putin Think about that.

    Next why do we need to ask for the discount when we use the Home Depot credit card. At Lowes it is automatic when I swipe the Blue Card.I would never expect to receive both veterans and the 5% on the same transaction

  79. Concerned Vet | January 8, 2015 at 6:45 pm |

    Why does Home Depot and Lowes offer the 10% discount to active duty/retired/Guard/Reserve dependents and not to veterans?

    They must value these spouses and children more than the veteran who has served.

    To me, qualifying for a dependent card is nothing like qualifying to be veteran.

  80. Will Lowes and Home Depot give me 10% military discount on sale items every day (not just on patriotic national holidays such as July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day)?

  81. I'm done with Home Depot. All of my business is going to Lowes. They give me the 10% discount based on my Veterans status and my license. I served my time and was honorably discharged fro the USAF. What makes me any different than any other Veteran that honorably served. Shame on you Home Depot.

  82. Businesses are free to determine who gets a discount and who doesn't. My problem is that Lowes and HD are breaking veterans into classes. Every person who honorably served should be treated the same. It is not the money, it is the fact that because a person served, but did not retire, or develop a "disability" they are looked upon as not worthy.

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