UPDATED INFO – Please read: Government Shutdown Would Close Commissaries

The last update, I promise:  I give up.  DECA still claims that they don’t know.  I don’t think that it is helping anyone to have me searching for more sources when DECA is stating that they don’t have a plan.  I have been following their facebook page, and I think that maybe y’all should, too.  I guess we will find out tomorrow, huh?

P.S.  I think this is ridiculous.

P.P.S.  Check out our boots-on-the-ground reporter Amy at SpouseBUZZ:  Panic! At the Commissary


UPDATE:  I am now getting conflicting reports from a variety of sources.  I wonder if Ms. Brown meant DeCA Europe stores only?  Please contact your local store to ask, but also be aware that very few people actually know the full truth right now.  Yesterday (Thursday) was a big day for announcements and all the latest information hasn’t made it way down the chains of command yet.


After weeks of not really addressing the question, it has been confirmed: a government shutdown would close the commissaries. Leslie Brown, spokesperson for DeCA Europe, confirmed Thursday that all commissaries will be closed for the duration of any government shutdown.   I guess I should be there at 10 am tomorrow, stocking up on whatever is left after today.

AAFES and NEX stores will not be affected unless they receive goods via the DeCA distribution system.

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  • kittykat

    maybe the congress blowturds should be staffing the commissaries, i bet they can make a *mean* ham and turkey sandwich :/ i am sure they will add extra *cheese*

  • B Gomo

    Not entirely true statement… Our commisarry and BX (Offutt AFB) has signs saying they WILL be OPEN during the shutdown. Check with your own commissaries and BXs.

  • Hmmm…

    Commissaries are funded through Working Capital Funds, meaning they do not rely on congressional funding, but rather sales, to maintain neutral profitability. There is no reason why the commissaries should be shutting down as soon as the government does, which explains why B Gomo’s stores will still be open. I don’t think Leslie Brown has counted the $ in the coffers over in Europe… They should have at least a couple of week’s worth of funds available (if they manage it properly!).