Update To Government Shutdown Plans

March 12, 2011 | Kate Horrell

Well, I am speechless.  Nearly.  There are a few bad words that come to mind.

I’ve just read a draft of a report detailing the planning for a possible government shutdown, and it states that military pay would be held up until the situation is resolved.  This is in direct conflict with the previous information that was being disseminated.  I’m torn:  do I believe the new report, or do I think that someone has lost their mind?  Personally, I’m going to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  This could result in a lot of hardships for military families around the world.  And, don’t forget, it does not seem as if this is an official document, but just a draft.

This report also says that military commissaries might close, but they may stay open.  That is super helpful for planning, huh?

Other services that may be affected include:

  • Child Development Centers will remain open
  • Gyms and dining facilities will remain open
  • Medical and dental will remain open, but some elective procedures may be postponed
  • Recruiting will continue, and new troops will continue to be processed and go to basic training
  • Military exchanges should remain open

The current continuing resolution is set to expire on 17 March 2011.  There is a bill in the House of Representatives to further extend government funding without passing a budget. The House and Senate have agreed on a bill to fund the government for an extra three weeks, and it will go to vote early next week.

Update 3/14/2011: Apparently last’s week anticipated agreement to an additional continuing resolution may have been a bit premature. It seems possible that a continuing resolution will not be passed. I’m not exactly sure how to word it so that I can be adequately vague, but it is anyone’s guess at this point.

Update 3/16/2011:  The continuing resolution did pass the House yesterday.  It must pass the Senate and be signed by the President in order to become a law.  Most political analysts are anticipating that the resolution will be complete before the current continuing resolution expires, but there are a few people who think there is a chance that the Senate might not pass the bill.  Again, we wait and see.

Update 3/17/2011:  The continuing resolution has passed the Senate.  It must be signed by the President in order to become law.  This new temporary spending bill will expire on 8 April 2011.

Update 3/18/2011:  The president has signed the continuing resolution and it is now law.


  1. lovingclarity says:


    they've bought a little time. At least this will ensure 4/1 checks go out… after that, who knows.

    • KateKashman says:

      Let's hope it passes next week when it comes to a vote!

    • lovingclarity says:

      no prob. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the first announcement too. I was so glad when I heard it was being extended!

  2. Saveus says:

    Insted of stopping the military pay they should just stop thier own pay. This is not the time to stop military pay with our country still at war. Protect our military.

  3. Daniel says:

    And who asked the Pentagon to draft this report? Democrats perhaps? The crybabies that whine like a kid who got his toy taken away when someone tells them to stop spending money? Thanks for adding fuel to the fire by believing this drivel.

    • Keith says:

      Really Daniel? Isn't it the Republican/ Tea Party that refuses to accept anything but their way? Go beyond the blind acceptance of your dad's/ services normal party and actually learn something about what's going on. I am a conservative leaning independent and I think this new crop of Republicans are the worst thing that has happened to our country since the 1930's

  4. Dave says:

    How about stop giving money who don't do squat for it and continue to give it to those who work their butts off for it.


      Dave, that would make way too much sense. I say all politicians should be replaced until we can find some that will do their job accurately in order to receive their pay. Congress, senators and all those hotshots – how many have actually ever even served in the military? The President's never even served, so why should they care… asking my husband to stand out there as a human target, not only without pay but actually costing HIM money to get to his post (gas) is asking too much. It makes about as much sense as asking a volunteer to drive an armoured truck full of money. Do you really think it's gonna take long for the terrorists/drug cartels to catch on and perhaps flash money when it's badly needed? I'm just sayin…..
      Freeze all politicians salaries, and cut ALL foreign aid. No more private security detail for life, no more private healthcare plans, no more private pensions for any of them. Let them live the same way we are. Maybe we need to take a lesson from Libya, Egypt and Tunisia and start voicing our contempt for our government and their whole "do as i say and not as I do" attitude.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Totally agree – let's freeze THEIR pay and see if they can pass the budget so they can earn their living.

  5. daniel says:

    The reason command is not giving notice of a possible ‘no pay due’ is that there is not a possible ‘no pay due’. Any government shutdown involves the general budget. The military is not funded by the general budget. Democrats are drama queens (males included). Any more questions?

    • KateKashman says:

      Daniel, while I agree with you in theory…have you read the original source from which this came? It specifically states that any potential government shutdown due to the 2011 budget WILL result in the military not getting paid. This is being reported across the military and federal government media, including the Federal Times, the Military Times newspapers, and elsewhere here on Military.com.

      I sincerely hope that you are correct, but it is my responsibility to make sure that my readers know of the possibilities.

      • Jay says:

        My chain of command as informed us of a possible 'no pay due' due to a government shutdown. Its very real and very concerning.

      • daniel says:

        I did read the original source and assume you're referring to the "draft report" that the pentagon was ordered to write. Now if your boss (I don't know who ordered the draft to be written) tells you to write a report of how you would handle things if the military was not paid, what does that mean? It certainly doesn't mean the military will not be paid. These are the games that democrats play. Obviously it had the intended effect. I do, however, understand your position and do not mean to be rude or insulting, but I'm getting tired of Pelosi and politicians like her who rely on fear and lies to get their way.

      • Rachelle G says:

        Kate, could you post your references for everyone else to read? I have been researching this and have found nothing on the military side except on the opinion sides like military times and military.com. And if you could, post the articles that specifically state that the military will not get paid if the government shuts down. I see the CG not getting paid since they are paid by the government, but the rest of us are paid via DFAS and even if the civilians are furloughed, there are military workers that can step in and do their jobs.

        • KateKashman says:

          Rachelle, there is a link in this post to an article in the Federal Times. It is the most recent information that I can find. Whether the Federal Times can be considered fact or opinion is up to you to judge. We are all working in a vacuum of information here.

          I'm not intimately familiar with the staffing situation at DFAS. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that there are military members who are able to run the operations at DFAS? That would be great news!

    • Milissa Ann Stormer says:

      If it is not true then the command should address it and put it out to the soldiers (or other military members) that it is not a fact and will not happen. Then there would be no reason to worry and no further rumors.

    • Sam says:

      Husband is a rear detachment 1SGT and he was notified on Wednesday of the possible no pay due and to inform his family and soldiers families of the possibility. It DOES involve military pay. Get your facts straigth people.

    • Lance says:

      Flat out wrong. I'm active duty, and my pay stops at midnight tonight.

    • Matthew says:

      As Active duty military I must say you are wrong. As of the 8th my pay was only going to be half. Not part of the general budget?

  6. la de da says:

    if they stop paying the military then i dont think we will have anymore military. no one wants to work for free

  7. shyana says:

    This is very upsetting my husband is currently serving in iraq at the moment , and i heard about this issue from a friend of mines today. I say forget the military i want him to get out. This is outrageous if you ask me. Because they are over there serving in a dangerous place than you have us, the wife and kids over here already worried about their safety, now have to worry about them doing it all for nothing. I been thought it was a waste of time and ignorent from day one then this happens, The military isnt what it used to be and never will. My husband needs to get out after this deployment for sure

    • Active Duty that is serving in a combat zone will still receive pay, however any other Active Duty will not. You have nothing to fear lol it's only the rest of us who are getting screwed in the process. No hard feelings =p I'm very glad they excluded combat troops!

      • KateKashman says:

        I'm curious where you have heard this information. Can you please share with us? Thanks.

  8. mia says:

    This is all to say the least 'rediculous', my Husband has done his 4 years in the Military, He deployed to Afghanistan and with only 2 weeks left before he gets discharged. They are now telling us that the Military pay might get cut for 3 or more months.
    What else will they do to make 'hard working people and their families lives' anymore of a struggle for them.
    How about we stop this rediculous man hunt in Afghanistan for this Man we all know we'll never find, bring our men and women home and use all those $$Millions$$ of Dollars on helping the people that need it the most.
    I can bet that the Government Officials pay will stay exactly where it is!!!!!!!

    • jen says:

      who said anything about 3 months? where did you get this from? THey dont even know what is happening tomorrow, much less three months from now.

    • Bobo says:

      straight proved you wrong on this one lol

  9. daniel says:

    I give up on you people. Believe what you want, I'll leave it at that. For those pushing their spouses to leave the military, that's fine too–plenty more where they came from. One thing I learned from this 'blog' is that there are a lot of gullible people who believe democrat propaganda. I guess that's how they get elected. Good to know.

    • Katina Hall says:

      I could Never ask my husband to stop doing the Army, Army First Family Second. My Job is to Put Family First Army Second!
      I do think it Nuts that his whole Unit Is on training, Due to OPSEC, I will keep it to my self. There was no talk before they Took off..Funny that the Traing that usually takes 3odays Was cut by 2 days, so they do not have to pay separation. Now, There are some girls Around here, that got there Big girl pantyhose in a Ruffle over that. But I don't believe that Army owes me any thing, being that i have a home, an food! People need to stop living beyond there means! Life can Crap on you at any time, Keep it simple..I have no clue were the Jones live!

    • baddem says:

      it's understandable that certain military spouses would push husbands and wives to leave the service after hearing of this. not getting paid for working so hard when you already get paid MUCH LESS than minimum wage is a reason to be upset. i'm not saying i would do it because i've been through much more tough times, but the people who's husbands are deployed have a reason to be upset. military life isn't very easy, so don't look at it as so. the spouse has a much more difficult job!!! i never chose this life, but i make the best of my husband working so hard and getting paid so little. do the math on the military pay chart, my friend. it's not like it's hard to pay tiny salaries like that!!!


      To what purpose would the "democrat propoganda" serve? Please enlighten us.
      Last time I checked and the last time we went through a budget freeze, there were alot of photos on the internet of our lovely congress sitting around playing solitaire on their laptops while the country was suffering a budget crisis.
      Everywhere I've ever worked had a simple job requirement. You work, you get paid. Maybe it's time to clear the house and get in some new blood, and while we are at it make some new rules for them. Let's take away their private health care, their private pensions and all of their fringe benefits – including limos and the like. Let's remove the private security detail for all past presidents and limit the amount of expenditures on the President's private security in his globe trotting adventures. If the President is invited to another country, let them pay for his security. When we go on vacation, we have to pay our own way don't we?


        Lastly, if we cut USAID globally, we can reduce our deficit tremendously. Places like Egypt and Israel who received over 50 BILLION US Aid – have you taken a look at their unemployment rate? It's about 1/2 of what the US unemployment rate is. Sure, they make less money in Egypt but their cost of living compared to ours is in line with their current min. wage. California alone is rising up to 17%. We are no longer one of the top three countries, according to the World Bank. India and China are closely catching up to take our spot. Best part, is they get billions of dollars from the US in aid, too. I think we are going to be soon putting our hands out and asking them to help us, soon.


      To pass this blame off on the president is bs, our country would not be in this turmoil is a certian "Republican Adminstration' wouldnt have made a mockery of the white house. I'm a deployed troop and i resent the fact that you would pass the blame. look for your facts before you point the finger.

      • becca says:

        Also, the president has nothing to do with making the budget. He wants this to get done. He is not happy that these people still aren't doing there jobs. Its not his fault, its the people in charge of making the budget's fault.

  10. kittykat says:

    Yoiu are correct, and I have seen, sadly, my fair share of spouses that do take advantage…in many ways, so I do understand where you are coming from! :) For us, it has just been one move after another (I did move home during deployment to save $$ on rent, and saved up some $$$ during that time)…and have saved a few $$ from taxes, although a good chunk I did use to pay down a few bills…but moving is expensive, no two ways about it.

  11. Not HennyPenny says:

    Don't Panic! I shouldn't be so surprised that people can over-react based on a rumor. As Daniel stated, military pay is not tied into the congressional maneuvering that may result in a Federal Civilian Employee furlough. Do a little research to find out what could be affected before getting upset, wringing your hands, and declaring that the sky if falling.
    If a budget or stop-gap bill isn't passed, non-essential federal workers may be furloughed (i.e a few days off work without pay), and Congress won’t be able to pass any new appropriations bills. Federal salaried employees will likely see no interruption in their payments, though hourly or contract workers may see temporary pay freezes since they will not be working. If a shutdown occurred it would probably only affect 40% of federal employees, who are funded by the appropriations legislation that Congress is trying to renew. New social security claims for newly retired persons and IRS tax refunds would be delayed because federal workers aren't on the job. For the most part, military personnel remain on the job and continue to be paid. Civilian, contract and consulting workers would have to stop working and hence would not be paid, although using the 1995 furlough as an example, those who are furlough could get back pay once this budget game is resolved.
    And yes, I agree, Congress should point a finger at themselves because they have been allowed to consider themselves to be an elite class that is immune to the consequences of their own actions. Their days of working for the people are a fading memory.


      @nothennypenny – read the article in the ARMY Times. This goes beyond civilian employees. "any non-essential soldier" is included in the freeze. If they can't figure out the budget, they should all be FIRED and a new, more adept group brought in to figure it out IMMEDIATELY. If we can't fire them, then we should freeze every single politicians salary until they can get their heads out of their a&&e&.

    • becca says:

      This could easily affect military pay. You should do research yourself. My husband will have to go to work and not get paid until the government starts again. Backpay in 3 wks doesnt pay for gas and groceries and other things today. My family can survive for 3wks without pay but if it goes on to long then all that gas and food and diapers will add up. Unfortunately some families will have an even harder time because they live paycheck to paycheck. I completely agree that they should have money saved but I don't know everyones situation and it takes time to save money. If this happened 6mos after I got married we would have been screwed.

  12. Rachelle G.Navy Wife says:

    I love that none of the "wives" want to post their real names. Anyway, I agree with Daniel and "Not HennyPenny" in that you really can't panic right now. If you want to get the real story, search for it. There was a rumor going around in November about Obama wanting to cut military pay…put a "freeze" on our pay…it's on snopes as a LIE. Everything you all are reading is a DRAFT. It's not set in stone. I think if this was all true and going to happen you would see it on navy.com or BUPERS or something similar to the other branches. (I'm former Navy and a Navy wife so no clue what the other sites are!) But relying on a blog, militarytimes.com or an opinionated source like these is ridiculous. We have a split floor right now. Lots of fire between the Republicans and the Dummycrats…I mean the Democrats.


      Read the article in the Army Times. Just came out yesterday. It's as clear as it gets. Civilians are not the only ones who will receive a salary freeze.

    • You won't be paid on the 1st of April if this isn't resolved by then. Believe me. I'm a Marine's wife and my name is Heather Giersdorf (wow real name). We've been hearing about a "pay freeze" as well, but what that means is that government will receive their yearly raise for 2 years. A very good idea. This missing paycheck however should only be a one time thing (which is bad enough). How will you be buying groceries next month? If it happens it will not be good.

    • Moe says:

      oh, you meant Repulsivecans

  13. ladysun says:

    i have a son in south korea and he told me about this and i didnt believe him untill i read this….i cant believe that we will stop paying the people that are fighting for our freedom.and then we have those people sitting in there big office doing nothng but pushing paper and they get to say how much they want to get payed.!!!! what is this country coming to….

  14. annoyedandamazed says:

    hey guys…. this just in. Read this one http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/03/15/congress.s
    It says they passed it 6 hours ago in the House but now it still has one more group to make it through. This is good news, but this still sucks not knowing much more

  15. BAMF says:

    The Air force and Army times says a lot of things that turn out to be not true or are just rumors. I wouldn't hold a lot of creditability to either of those publications and you can ask any soldier in more than a day and he will say the same. Furthermore I'm tired of Military Wives acting like they know everything that happens in the military. Your spouse only tell you what they want you to hear and trust me they over play things all the time. Thankfully my wife doesn't fall prey to the common military wife persona. But perhaps it's because she spent 5 years in the French Army as a officer and knows what really goes on.

    • Becca says:

      I dont fall prey to the military wife persona but when I am told that my husband may go weeks without pay and everything I look up about indicates the same I'm going to believe that it just may happen. If you don't think its possible then you have a few issues yourself. It may not happen but they are letting people that their is a possibility. That way they aren't caught blindsided by suddenly not getting a paycheck while the servicemember is still working

  16. BAMF says:

    Let me make myself clear. So I don't hurt any feelings. I respect Military Wives very much for the extra stress they choose to take on with their spouse being in the Military. I know it's not easy and it take a strong women. However

  17. NavyMan says:

    you would be suprised on what they can do. go ahaed go AWOL no reson to keep paying you now just stay gone there is some more money for them not to spend. lets say 1,000 people say screw this thats about $2,400,000 more a month they dont have to pay out. talk about saving money. Its bad enough there not letting those who want to stay in and retire. oh look hes 10lbs over weight kick him out, then there is pts wtf is that all about.

  18. Andrea Cvitanovic says:

    wow this is outrages! my boyfriend is serving in Iraq right now and im pretty sure that everyone there will rebel and not work because it is not fair for them to risk their lives and not even get paid. they already dont get paid enough for their efforts but not getting paid at all is ridicolous!

  19. Monisha Rolin says:

    Its ridiculous ! If theyre gonna be over there not getting paid for something that they were sent over there to do, send OUR TROOPS HOME !

  20. seabeemama says:

    To all the spouses out there stop complaining about how you're not going to have any money coming into your household if we do not get paid. If you are truely worried about it go out and get a job. I've been reading the comments and you all have the same thing to say. "I cant find a job." Sounds to me like you all are taking advantage of your spouse and his/her income. I honestly think that any job is better than no job because that means there's some source of income coming into the house. If i wasnt in the navy myself and the only job i could find was bagging groceries at the local grocery store i damn sure would have that job..

    • jamie says:

      My family relied solely n my Ad income because any jobs my DH could find were minimum wage, and daycare/gas ate up what he mad eand then some. No any job is NOT better than no job esp, if you have daycare expenses. These spouses have bills to pay and children to feed and they can't do that with no income, nor could they pay the dang daycare even if they did have a job. It is not taking advantage to be a stay at home parent. Some of us AD folks LIKE our spouses to be at home with the kids, some of us have no choice. Sounds lik eyou've not done a whole heck of a lot of job searching esp in an overseas station

  21. kittykat says:

    Seebeemama, you made a good point in your last comment, re: the tsunami and those that lost everything–all the money in the world cannot replace loved ones.
    However, talk about painting all military spouses with a *wide* generalization, saying that spouses must be taking advantage if they are worred, and just "find a job." LOL..if it were that easy for some to just "find a job", then YOU should get a job in the Labor Dept., b/c apparently jobs are just soooo easy to come by, esp. if you are moving connstantly, and fill out apps. everywhere and nothing is to be had. Oh, right, according to your theory that doesn't matter, I forgot :/ Whatever *rolls eyes*….

  22. nichole says:

    Good news it doesnt include active duty….

    • Leti says:

      Ok when did you find out about this?Let me know what link pls because i am active duty military…..i would love to know if this is a fact..

    • Vickie says:

      Not sure you're right about that.

    • Becca says:

      It does apply to active duty. My husband is active duty and his command is trying to get military members prepared for what may come.

  23. kittykat says:

    The point is: we are all in different situations, and got in those situations in different ways. Military couple "A" will be affected differently than Military Couple "B" in case f a shutdown, rarely for identical reasons. This issue should not be about finger pointing and generalizations about what military spouses do or don't do, but rather hoping and watching to see is Congress et al. move forward with a budget for this yr., and those that put theri lives in harm's way get paid for a job that they put their blood, sweat, and tears into.

  24. seabeemama says:

    im sorry if i upset you but i wasnt trying to start a debate. i'm not ignorant and i have walked a mile in ya'll shoes. i am a dual miltary family and chose this path beacause of the economy. it was a hard decision but like i said any money is better than no money. the point im tryin to make i guess is that we're getting paid regardless even if its a few days late we're gonna get our money either way so i honestly think people need to calm down. yes it is a crappy situation i will def agree to that but every downside has an upside right?

  25. Renee says:

    does this include reservists as well? My husband will be gone almost all of april for the reserves. Im a stay at home mom so his pay will be our income for most of the month. We have three kids to support.

    • shay says:

      yes its a government shutdown. no matter if he's part time or full time he's not going to get paid either if that time comes

  26. ashley says:

    Like others say, we will all get paid eventually and hopefully the budget passes before it comes to this anyway…..right now it's a bunch of "what ifs". Luckily we have a little money stashed ourselves, but we are a one income household. This isn't b/c I can't find a job, but bc I can't find one to pay enough in the hrs I need (myy husband is currently gone) to cover daycare for 3 toddlers. It was just as much his choice as mine for me to stay home in his absense. So as stated all families have different circumstances and just stay calm, don't judge, and hope the senate does their job SOON!! LOL everybody is different that's what makes this country so difficult :)

  27. Army Wife Hooah says:

    Why would u want your husnabds/wifes to "get out of the army"? Your acting like its the Army's fault that our soliders amy not get paid. This is about setting a budget and making it work. Im a Republican and I agree with what they are trying to do in Congress and in the end….The Repbulicans will have to back down. Its the Repbilicans that stand behind our Miltary. So because your husbands are in Iraq and there's a crisis at home you want to jumpship…thats "redunlicoius" as my husband who is currently serving in Iraq proudly. He'll continue to do his job with or with out pay because he feels its his duty and us as Army wives have to pick up the slack. So stop whining and Duty First Ladies.

    • guest says:

      props t you…. its really igonorant how wives are like wtf, when there's plenty they can do at home and i have seen it first hand. its not that difficult to find a job if you are actually looking. our troops should be saying yes its the right thing to do, of coursde they'll be upset, naturally, but that isnt why they joined.

  28. -nm says:

    wow, so anyone think of civilian employees outside of the military. that work hard for their money and for their families too. i respect and support the military completely. but common, THEYRE not the only ones suffering from this, actually, theyre making it a point to keep the military'spay as consistant as possible, not ours for example at the social security office.

    • Vickie says:

      Yes but civilians probably don't risk their lives quite as much as those in war zones. Ever think of that? Fair enough if they don't want to pay them, but at least bring them home!

  29. Don says:

    well i'm a service member been out for awhile came back in. I first enlisted in 1978 in the 80's we had a pay freeze. What must people arent seeing is that this is a global economy situation and the monies will not flow as in our earlier years hence "New world Order". Politicians democrats, republicans, independant what ever doesnt matter they all spend like theres no tomorrow.
    They had the signs decades ago and choose not to heed the warnings for every action theres an equal and opposite reaction. Now its just our time to pay period. Our deficit is so high and we have no gold or silver backing the dollar as most countries inflation will, well lets just say in the BIBLE revelations states a day wages we be the price for a loaf of bread (getting there) BIBLE also said GODS people will not go with out so wake up smell the coffee because this is only the beginning.

  30. Don says:

    I forgot to add when i say God includes JESUS all i can say is for me he's been looking out for me for a long time time to buckle down to our forefathers beleifs they made it with Jesus so can we. Do the right thing

  31. Ran_Out_of_loaves says:

    "I forgot to add when i say God includes JESUS all i can say is for me he's been looking out for me for a long time time to buckle down to our forefathers beleifs they made it with Jesus so can we. Do the right thing"


    oh brother–here we go!….. :0

  32. 23234 says:

    If this government shutsdown this country will be open for a straight on nuclear attack

  33. 34t53456 says:

    Obama is the anti-christ he probaly a commi stealing info to plan a attack thats why no ones gave up his birth certifacate

  34. armyWIFE says:

    yes we should be prepared for the worst but everyones situation is different and unfortunately as someone who thought i was going to be able to save money while my husband is deployed in afghanistan i found out quickly that wasnt going to happen since he was unable to work his job due to predeployment training yet made a fourth the money if that while training and then once he deployed his pay wasnt right. so it turned into a try and catch up rather than having the ability to save. So now we are all caught up and still havent saved so the last thing we need is to not get paid. the idea of the military not getting paid is ridiculous!

  35. futurecivilian says:

    Good thing that passed. like I’m gonna come to work without gettin paid, you can call me awol.

  36. Rob says:

    this is crappy I mean dang. I'm in the Army NG and the last thing I need is to wait even longer for a paycheck….If it comes

  37. Tye says:

    Bahrain sailors were told they wont see anything til the 15th of next month… Just saying

  38. NavySailorSD says:

    Passed to me from my YNC this morning: Unless Congress stops bickering by midnight on 7 April, we will NOT be getting paid on the 15th of April. We have been directed by our Commanding Officer that regardless of whether we get paid or not, it is still MANDATORY that we report to work. Additionally, the system used by PS's (Personnelmen for those of you not Navy) usually shows data this far out for the 15th paycheck of next month… it is currently BLANK…

    Fact or not, rumor or not, the simple fact that I have to stress and worry and scramble to try to take care of not only my bills but those of my family living elsewhere (I'm a Geographical Bachelor) is beyond both cruel and ridiculous.

  39. Logan Jenkins says:

    I'm only an E-4 In the military 24 years of age , not meaning to step on any toes by any means, but If I can manage my money enough to go a little while w/out bills I'm sure some of you can… I don't mean like 6 months or anything crazy like that, the only reason I am writing is because blogs are almost a source of entertainment. Just reading what everyone has to say, gives me a chuckle, Americans irresponsible with money? no!!! ha ha ha

    Logan Jenkins (Chair Force)

    • Mandy says:

      Do you have a wife and kids??? That makes a HUGE difference! How about a kid who has health issues that get costly??? If I was a 24 year old E4 single guy in the army, I too would be well off with money, but that is not everyone's situation. I wish people would stop acting like they know everything about everyone else's financial position and say who can and can not save money. You do not know everyone or their situation so how about we stop acting like we do!

    • cpl felix says:

      true but some people have kids like me and rent and bills to give not like you that stays in the barrecks you dont have to worry about it so my recomendation to you think before you say

    • Josh says:

      True man. People say, “Oh I have kids and this and that” but that fact is, is that they are also in debt and have car payments and what have you. They’re living beyond their means and don’t want to accept responsibility for their own actions.

      • Traci says:

        Yes, people have car payments, it's how most people travel. Yes, people have vehicle insurance, it's the law. Yes, people have electric bills, electricity is a necessity. Yes, people have to buy groceries, people can't live without food. Yes, people spend money for their children to be involved in sports, it creates character. There is so much more that just pops up in life that people have to spend money on. Is that what you mean by living beyond their means? Spending money on necessary things? You do not know everyone's circumstances!

  40. Logan Jenkins says:

    The bill that was passed to go through the 8th of April does apply to Active duty and hired contractors :)

  41. BB Johnson says:

    This might put some minds at ease IF anything were to happen. SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act), spouses this even includes YOU! This is basically a newer version of the SSCRA (Solider and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940).

    • KateKashman says:

      Unfortunately, BB, I don't think the SCRA addresses much that would apply to this issue. The primary SCRA protection that would have any bearing on a no-pay situation is the extra steps that a landlord must take before evicting a servicemember.

      If you know more specific details about a certain aspect about the SCRA and know of some other way that it would protect service members in this particular situation, please let me know. I admittedly only know the surface of it and I'm not well versed in all the accompanying case law.

  42. keith alwardt says:

    Im outraged with this plan on a goverment shutdown there is families world wide that will have no paycheck and I have a son to be born in less then seven weeks and im supposed to just not feed him or take care of my family?

  43. navyseabee says:

    hate to break it to all of you… but as service members we have a duty to serve our country whether we are paid or not… as do all americans. i have been in for almost 9 years now, and ive seen alot happen. we all VOLUNTEERED to serve. was not forced. so yes if they wanna cut our pay they can and us work for free they can. no where in my contract does it guareentee a paycheck. i have a wife 2 little girls, and a little boy on the way. but im not worried. if the government is suppose to support my family, they would have issued me one. sorry everyone, but u dont see any active military on here complaining. so you shouldnt be either,,, i will keep on serving whether i get paid or not,, they give me 3 meals, a place to sleep, and clothes on my back.. it was my choice to take on all these other burdons, and my spouce when SHE CHOSE to marry me.

    • Still Here says:

      I don't know what rock you live under but we all volunteered and expect to be paid. It is in all our contracts that we shall receive our pay according to our rank. Don't know how your marriage is or how much you love your family but when you make comments like those it just sounds as if you could care less if your family is provided for. I have over 20 years of service and will continue to do it as long as I can but the one thing I ALWAYS ensured is that my FAMILY was taken care of. If you can sleep at night knowing your wife can't make her rent or mortgage payments because you are getting 3 meals a day, a place to sleep and clothes on your back then sorry to tell you but you are not a man!

    • crystal says:

      I’ve been military 17 years my husband for 15 an I am a recruiter, yes it does state you will get paid in the contract deed when you join the service, the government is in breech of contract but we will be reimbursed, we have bills an need food so for those of you that don’t worry or plan for the worse, you are the ones that will be lost and confused, I love my country an will continue my job, but we in any job I WANT PAID…I have 10 children to feed an I joined the army not only to serve my country but to have a good life for my kids I knew ide have an be secure. I’m a Christian an will keep god close, an hope you do the same.

  44. spc biddi says:

    Army – 538,128
    Navy – 332,832
    Marine Corps – 194,912
    Air Force – 328,439
    Total DoD – 1,394,311

    Coast Guard – 42,331
    Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserve were not counted in the total.

    Counting all Reserve Component personnel to include the National Guard and Coast Guard, the total is roughly 2,420,236.

    in such a hard economic time do we really need 2,420,236 people not getting paid. what they don't understand is that if we don't get paid none of the companies i.e phone companies, electric, gas, rent, food, auto, and any other essential commodities don't get paid either. if this does go through there needs to be some type of amnesty for the military people that will be unable to pay there bills. im in the army reserve and due to the economy i rely on my monthly drill pay in order to pay my bills. i do have another job but without my army pay i cannot pay my bills. you miss a bill interest is added, bills go up and you continue screwing us over. frankly i agree with cutting the pay for congress and the president. its bull that they are able to do this to us and yet have nothing to happen to them, besides they are all grossly over payed

  45. pissed off says:

    you can tell that home boy

  46. Still Here says:

    Is the government pay us interest on our pay for lateness. I am sure the banks are salivating at all the fees they are going to be collecting for late fess and such.

  47. Daniel says:

    Did you think to look anywhere other than a housewife's blog on military.com? Do you realize that politicians' pay comes from the same fund as the military? My guess is you see a few posts on facebook and consider yourself educated. How about a little research before you get your panties in a wad?

  48. KateKashman says:

    agperryman, I agree! Daniel might be right, and this may come to nothing, but there is absolutely no reason not to give service members a heads up. If nothing else, perhaps it will cause people to look at their financial picture and see if some changes need to be made.

  49. ashbug says:

    My husband is deployed at the moment and when our Capt. wife talked to him about it he didnt even know. So how can the command possible tell their troops about what might or might not happen if they are not getting the information either.

  50. Christine says:

    Thank you for pointing that out! I'm a PS1, and I've had people calling and texting me all day to verify that we're getting paid because of this stupid blog.

  51. Working Army Wife says:

    I moved while he was deployed as well and am searching for a job where he is stationed so that I will have something lined up when I move back out there. I just recenlty graduated from college so I do have that and my prior service to help me in my job search. As far as this pay thing……I do agree that it is very sad that they cant agree for the sake of everyone. This budget affects them as much as it would us. In the back of my mind I do not see this happening BUT we have to prepare for it just in case.

  52. MarineWife says:

    thats great to know that u saved the money from ur husbands deployment but speeking for myslef. when my husband joined the millitary i had a great job we were doing well living on the east coast they moved his duty station to the west coast so now i have no job i have been here on the west coast for 1 year and still can find a job in my feild not to mention when i start working again if my husband isnt getting payed but still has to work half are money will go to child care . Also i work just as hard as my husband here at home the difference is i dont want to be at home i want to work and this issue adds more stress to r every day

  53. Simonne says:

    Sweet heart, I AGREE WITH YOU 500%. I'm full-time college student with a job. Considering another one if this so-called draft takes effect. I refuse for my husband to work 4am-6pm and then get a full-time job to support us.

  54. Vickie says:

    Does that mean that's what people should save their money for? To be able to survive when their spouse doesn't get paid? I'm the wife of a deployed soldier and we have savings too. It's certainly not how we want to spend those savings though. A down payment on a house would be much more satisfying! I expect more from the USA.

  55. Geez Louise it must be nice to be so darn perfect. We have enough in the bank to sustain us for awhile if this really happens but I know there are many who don't. And it's not necessarily their fault. I was the wife of a PFC fresh out of basic at one time, and we struggled just like many young couples do. I remember what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck. I remember what it was like to save a little money in the bank and then have the car break down. I don't work outside the home right now but it's not because I'm a trophy wife who sits on my ass all day. I have three children, two are special needs, and there is always one who needs to go to this doctor, or that specialist, or this therapy, or that meeting at school. Try finding a job in this economy where you can tell your employer they need to work around your schedule. Try telling your son he will have to wait to have his hearing aids repaired (which he can't hear without) because Mommy has to work during the hours the audiologist is open. Why all the judgement? And what if this were to go on longer then what YOUR savings or extra income can sustain you through? You'd probably be singing a completely different tune in that case. "Think about it!"

  56. Rachelle G says:

    It impacted your duties, but didn't you still get paid? The civilians were the ones that had the furlough and ended up with 5 days of back pay.

  57. Heather says:

    And now there are more civilian employees to cover for. This is rediculous. I hope they are going to give out food for the famillies of Active Duty personnel.

  58. Sharon says:

    My daughter just called from Airforce, the commanding officer just informed them that it is "highly probable" they will NOT get paid on the 1st.

  59. annoyedandamazed says:

    They will consider those people essential personnel. Its their great loop hole.

  60. Katina Hall says:

    O, An that's My Real Name!

  61. Simonne says:

    I found out Monday night from my brother, He is in the Navy. Sent me a text. My husband, Army didn't know and he discovered his ENTIRE unit didn't have knowledge. My brother-n-law, Marine didn't know. Wow go figure three branches of the Military clueless.

  62. Katina Hall says:

    I could Never ask my husband to stop doing the Army, Army First Family Second. My Job is to Put Family First Army Second!

    LOL, My husband was USMC, before the Army, Maybe that is Why I have a Respect for what we have, There is no need For more. :)

  63. I'm a Marine's spouse and I agree with your statement 100% and would like to add another point. How exactly would military living off base even pay for the gas to drive to "volunteer"?

  64. I also guarantee that your husband is a higher rank in the Army. When you are as low as a LCPL Marine there is NO way you could save $250 support 3 kids AND pay your bills. Therefore you must make more than $800 a paycheck. Some people don't get so lucky.

  65. 03stanggirl says:

    Kittykat, i totally agree with you!
    I've been trying to get a job since 2007. It's really hard when you're overseas and young and dont have much experience. Im now a National Board Certified Pharmacy Tech since 2008 and have YET to be picked up all because in the past no one would give me the chance due to my age(17 when i first certified) and lack of experience due to being overseas with my husband. And now that we have a child and cannot afford daycare its even harder, even if it is at the commisary asking for tips for bagging. Daycare definitely is not cheap! I have tried and tried for so long and nothing is coming up due to the sucky economy. I hate having to soley depend on my husband, but right now its the only way.

  66. guest says:

    AMEN!!!! It's hard to find a job when employers dont want to hire you for fear you will move soon besides the fact that most of the towns we have been stationed in are tiny middle of nowhere towns! Are there lazy,slutty,5 different baby daddies and on marriage #4 at 25 housewives out there…SURE but u can't fault ALL for SOME of them who were raised with no morals!!

  67. CJean says:

    You obviously have no knowledge of what it means to be a military spouse. For one most spouses do not have the OPTION to get a job, they are single parents living AWAY from family and if they do not have a rather high paying job and have ANY small children they would never make enough to cover day care.

    Even if they have an education they are moved every 2-4 years on average. The economy is crap. I have lived in 3 states and moved 4 times in the last 5 years since marrying my military man. Do you understand how hard it is to build a job history or resume when you are so unstable? The military can move us at any time.

    If I COULD work and make it worth our while I would. I am going back to school to change my major and trying to get into a job I can do from home and any state (medical billing) because my liberal studies major is useless.

    But just to let you in on a secret military spouses have TWO jobs, MOM and DAD to any children because at least half the year one parent is always missing.

  68. armylady says:

    our office had a talk about this issue behind close doors because most units won't let their soldiers know about what's going on in fear of my AWOLs and whatever else may happen because of this. But we were told that we better find a way to work and plain on other means for child care and expenses for staying off post. My husband and I are dual military which really sucks for us because we have no choice but to go to work and follow all the guidelines we signed up to do with no pay no nothing with two kids and a baby on the way due in may which is right around the corner. Hopefully they solve it soon and it won't last longer than a pay period which we will get back pay for but I believe their are other ways to cut money other than military paycheck but do you think our leaders at the end of the day are in a rush to handle this i mean at the end of the day their pay checks are not on the line they still get paid and life goes on.

  69. Logan Jenkins says:

    Nicely put!!

  70. Becca says:

    You can only do so much to prepare… We had 6mos worth of bill saved up in case I lost my job. That was 18mos ago. The money has been slowly dwindling… We'll be ok for a few weeks but having to pay for gas and food for our family will make it difficult if its more than a few weeks or so. Im also pregnant (no ones business why I am pregnant but just an FYI we can afford another kid just fine if my husband actually gets paid and BC doesnt always work…) So I need to be able to get healthy food (which is more expensive than unhealthy food) and wont be able to apply for WIC because they wont take new apps after this happens.
    Its a double whammy for dual military spouses, because they both have to go to work for no paycheck.

  71. Becca says:

    I lost my job 18mos ago. I hate not being able to work but no one is hiring for anything in my area. The savings we did have has dwindled considerably. I absolutely detest trophy wives! I refused to live on base so I didnt have to deal with them. Not every military wife doesn't work, and the ones that don't aren't always not working just because they dont want to. Some just can't find a job. Especially in this economy.