Base Pay is Base Pay. Period.

I’m a little surprised that I have to write this, but it seems that I do. The military does not pay people more money because they have dependents. There is no increase in pay for getting married, or for having children. Base pay is base pay, period.

There are three pays that can be affected by your dependency status: Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), and Family Separation Allowance (FSH).

There are two ways that BAH is affected by having dependents. First, if you not authorized BAH due to your rank, and you acquire a dependent, you are automatically authorized BAH. Second, if you are authorized BAH at the without dependent rate, and you acquire a dependent, then your BAH rate will change to with dependents.

There are a few notes about BAH and dependents:

  • In most cases, BAH is paid for the location where the service member is stationed.
  • BAH is typically not paid to service members who reside in the barracks in the US. Geographical bachelors may request permission to live in the barracks and still receive BAH for their family, but it is not guaranteed.
  • BAH is paid to service members who are on an unaccompanied tour.  This BAH is paid for the location that the family is located.

COLA is a special allowance paid to offset the higher cost of living in overseas locations and certain high-cost areas within the US.  COLA is the only allowance that changes based on the number of dependents you have.

FSH is paid to service members who are separated from their families for more than 30 days due to military obligations.  It is not paid for voluntary separations, like when the service member moves ahead of the family to a new duty station.

I’ve tried to keep this short and simple, but I’m sure that will create some questions.  Put them in the comments, and I’ll answer!

Update 3/11/2011:  I have been seeing a lot of comments (here and on Facebook) saying that this is a stupid question.  I agree with the theory that it could be a stupid question.  However, I wrote it because I get TONS of questions from service members asking when they will see their pay raise for having a child, or new wives asking when their husband will get paid for being married.  I’m glad so many people understand the military pay system well, my job is to help educate the rest of the folks who are confused.


About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • DAVE

    You can play the pay vs allowance game all day long if you want.

    The fact of the matter is that your “income” will be more than a fellow service member with the same quals/time in service duty station and grade if you have a dependant.

    Fair right….?

    This might just be me but I consider that as getting paid more !

    • Sarge

      you may get paid more but believe me the dependent will utilize the extra pay and more so its actually a decrease in money for the soldier which is why the single guys have all the money and nice toys and the young married people with the kids are always struggling

  • ~Kim

    But the piddly bit that you get for having a dependent doesn’t come anywhere close to the overall cost of that dependent.

  • Bill

    Here’s an option… if you think the rules that are in effect aren’t fair, you have 3 options. 1. Work with legislators to have them changed. 2. Accept that the rules were the rules when you joined. If you truly feel they are unfair, get out. 3. Complain about it online.

  • George

    Your wallet or checking account don’t know where the money comes from. Base Pay, BAH Flight pay. It’s alll just money. Don’t be a smart ass….

    • Megg

      I agree… My husband is in the navy.. We are newlyweds and I just found out I am pregnant.. I’ve never been involved with the military before and I don’t know how it all works. BAH to me is simply a larger paycheck so I may word a question differently.. For instance “do we make more money when we have a dependent?”… That doesn’t mean I’m asking if there is a salary raise.. I’m just not familiar with the military terms used to ask the question three way you would LIKE to hear it.. When you answered “our bah rate changes when you aquirea dependent..” Is just another way of saying… Yes you make more money when you have a baby. You approached this in an extremely rude and unfriendly manner..the entire purpose of these blogs is to answer questions people have and it’s unnecessary to call someone like me stupid simply because I’m not educated on military terms. You have just proven yourself to be inappropriate, immature, and narrow-minded.

  • Russ

    Yes it is fair. Kate said it right base pay it just that base pay. You get more in incentive or speaial pay only, however, you only get it for having a dependant which could be one or more the pay does not increase or decrease per dependant.

    “The fact of the matter is that your “income” will be more than a fellow service member with the same quals/time in service duty station and grade if you have a dependant.” This argument can be made for other duty assignments in the military such as hazardous duty, flight pay etc.

    The basic fact is if you want more pay then pick up some NEC’s that pay you for your training or study and advance to the next pay grade or just get out to make way for those of us who want to serve thier country with pride!

    • Guest

      Strange. In the civilian world, your company does not pay extra for BHA, dependents, etc. But without “incentive pay” not that many people would enlist. No wonder the country is in so much debt.

      • Krystal Curry

        In the Civilian world you are not normally deployed for months at a time getting shot at , or missing the birth of your child cause you are in a 3rd world country. Some jobs yes keep you from your family, but they are no where near as dangerous.

  • sailorwife

    I get so tired of hearing people complain about service members with dependents getting more money then non-dependent service members. You want to talk about fair, let’s talk about service members who bust their behinds and make rank quickly yet get paid less then members who are 2 ranks below them but have more time in service. Where is the fairness there?
    Happens in my household and it is irritating!!!

    • erika

      I Agree!!! husband made E-5 and 4 years of being in the military and since hes from a state with high state tax laws we see no extra money at all!!!!

      • DLLB

        Change his home of record to a non state tax state

      • AQS

        Most states have a clause for military members. My husband’s home of record is Illinois, however he doesn’t have to pay the state tax on military income.

    • Marine101

      fyi those nco’s picking up rank aren’t always busting their ass. a lot of mos’s have some busted ass cutting scores some below 1550. that is the cutting score i rated the day i rated a cutting score , but guess what my cutting score is among the highest hitting 1687. so for all the “boot” ass NCO’s that busted their ass get off your pedestal bc you had a 1500 and picked up don’t make you a good marine.

      • Marine102

        i.e. supply, radioman, etc… Constantly below 1400. There should be a minimum score that is the same across the board for all Marines, which I think should be 1600 for E-4, and 1800 for E-5. Only once you’ve reached that score, should you be competing for spaces.

    • Guest

      Time in service is time in service and can speak volumes about experience and commitment. Funny, officers get paid a whole lot more than enlisted but you dont hear me complaining. Does it mean they necessaritly work harder or are more valuable as a member? No. Perhaps if you have put in the time you would respect the fact that you get paid more than someone who has not. The more time one has put in means they have also potentially put thier life on the for much longer and dealt with the stress of that reality. Experience comes with time hands on. That has to count for something. Why cant everybody respect what others have earned whether it was by achievement of rank or time in grade. That person who busted thier butt to get thier rank will ALSO get paid more when they have put in more time in grade.

  • Navygirl1997_2005

    Dave, part of that is because there would be less taxes taken out of your base pay. That’s really the only part that affects you if you have dependents. As far as the military paying you–they base it on your rank and # of years in service. It’s what is taken out maybe that you are considering. The government would tax a single person more versus a married couple with 2 dependents.
    The COLA and BHA and BSA are also based on rank and time in service, AND if you have dependents or not. Someone with 1 dependent would get the EXACT same as someone with 12 dependents.

  • DAVE

    Your bank acount should not be bigger because of a personal choice rather than getting promoted, NEC’s or gaining quals as previously stated.

    I have a dog. That is a personal choice. Where is my DSA? He costs money?

    Equal PAY for equal work ! If you dont agree with that I dont know what else to say.

    • Ceci

      Pretty disgusting statement. Maybe your mother should have made the personal choice of having a dog instead too! Fact of the matter,the government helps Families with dependents on a every day basis in the civilan world! Why not those who serve our country and are forced to be away from their Families? If you don’t believe me go pay a visit to your local welfare office or better yet ask your mother how her tax refund increased after having you!You clearly have very little education if any at all to post such ignorance!

    • ashley

      Dave, you rock!!! DSA :)

    • Miller

      My bank account isn’t bigger. I never see a cent of my BAH. Just like a smb in the barracks. A place to live free of charge. Smb’s with families just need more space. Theyre not getting more space underway or deployed are they? The system works because otherwise everyone would leave the military as soon as they wanted a family or not join if they have one already. Think about how many of your colleagues would never have enlisted or would not reenlist because of that. How about the fact that I want to be stationed overseas but won’t because I have dependants. Consider my bah compensation for that unfair treatment. I don’t like that someone with just a wife receives the same bah as me with a wife and three kids. Kids cost a lot of money but i receive a larger house because of it.

  • LMT

    I do not think that this is a stupid issue to address – I have addressed this this question several times over the years simply because folks that are new to the military do not understand how the pay system works. You cannot understand it if you do not ask. Thanks for posting this, Kate!

  • Tara Gray Burkholder

    Then there are the poor lower enlisted souls who think the more kids you have the more BAH you get. Uh, no. So wrong. And yes, we ran across a few of these guys at Ft. Benning. Usually E-1s and E-2s, with 3 or 4 kids, & wives that don’t work. How they kept those kids clothed & fed is beyond me. Their pay is just barely above the poverty line as it is.

    • Kathy

      They take WIC and food stamps. Basically double dip the government.

  • Teddi

    For those of you arguing that having a dependent should not mean an increase in allowances, I have one point to make. I am a spouse who has a Master’s degree and would love to be employed to help support my family rather than only relying on my husband’s income…HOWEVER every time the military tells us to move I have to start over. I will NEVER make the same amount of money as my colleagues who have the same number of years working experience I do because I have to start over everywhere we go. That is of course, if I am lucky enough to even find a job!

    Military members are people. They want to someday have families of their own. Without a little bit of help, the sacrifices made by duty members and their families would be much greater and it would be much more difficult to support those families.

    • AJM

      AMEN to that Teddi…..I too have my Masters, but have been looking for a job for 11 months. Following an active-duty spouse around the world for 18 years, means nothing to the DOD or corporate world.
      My husband is currently an E-6, but when we had our 1st child he was an E-3 and an E-4 when we had our 2nd child. It was tough, but we made it and have 2 terrific teenagers to show for it!

    • Lynn

      I have never had a problem finding a job as a military spouse. We have lived all over the world and in the US. You have to be willing to work outside of your field, even if it begins as an entry level position.

    • Ceci

      Yes but some entry level positions are not worth the paper the money is printed on. I’m not sure how much education or experience you have but I have both in the wonderful world of payroll! Lol! Anyways for me its hard to find a job in my field and to step down? Well have you ever heard of being declined a job for being over quailified? On top of that,the earnings that I would bring in at a lower income job would barely pay Childcare expenses at a decent school for my toodler so what’s the point?

      • Mrs Perry

        I agree Ceci, I have been turned down by numerous jobs because of the over qualified thing, what ever that means… Also being here in Hawaii is difficult because by me being in the healthcare field, I have to have all of my licenses transferred over to hawaii, and that takes time and money…..who is going to compensate us for that?

    • Overlooked

      We Spouses agree! When you are married to a military member you essentially become an EMPLOYEE of the military also. The physical and emotional work and time it takes to pack up, move, research, and resettle your family, school, home, medical, and employment issues are not compensated to the spouse and family at all in the way that it should be. The moving becomes a full time job for the spouse! Without pay! And to add insult to injury, we always end up paying so much of the TRUE expense of the total moving process out of our own pocket! Not to even touch on the subject of the laborious job of recovering the DAMAGES and loss to your personal belongings that always takes place during the moving process! Being a spouse to the MILITARY is a FULL time job for the spouse that I personally have yet to see a single dime for. Some may say “well, you have a choice” My answer would be…..” yeah………. divorce. ” Which is out of the question for those who are devoted beyond the turmoil. So, to those of you who would criticise, you need to remember not to go without appreciation for those who sacrifice greatly and are truly overlooked and “unappreciated” volunteers!

  • Teddi

    Also, you said it is a personal choice, therefore they don’t need to be paid more. Well…it’s a personal choice for you as well to NOT be married or have dependants. Those allowances are available to you when you are ready to have your family and I am sure you will be thankful they are there. BAH is for housing…the housing you need as a single person is smaller than the housing you would need for a family. Therefore, BAH is higher to accomodate the need for extra square footage in your home.

    • Krystal Curry

      lol i dont think its his choice not to be married , with his attitude towards families.

      • Kelv

        Thanks Teddi, can’t expalin it better. I have seen single military living in a 4 bedroom, WOW!!!! It is their choice…. SO is the choice of military families with dependents. Just simple math; single military no BAH vs Married military with 1 or 2 kids; which household do you think spends more??????????

  • Lauren

    My husband’s recruiter actually told us that he’d get paid more money if we got married (we were dating/engaged when he joined). I’m assuming he was just trying to make BAH sound better though, haha!

    • Krystal Curry

      LMAO.. yeah, Recruiters will tell you ANYTHING to get you to join. Now you do get paid a little more when you PCS cause they wont pay for a GF to PCS.

    • tanya

      getting married isnt going to get you anymore money..its just going to get your “bah” faster to you if your new to the game, Dont listen to ANYTHING a recruiter tells you either go talk to military members or even get on here to get the real talk about the navy..i can only speak for them but im probable sure all military is all the same..

  • alicia

    When will we get pay it has been 3 weeks

  • Navywife13

    Why all the complaints about just married and/or having dependants getting BAH??? You get the same BAH if your single and a certain rate. My husband is an E5, married and has two children and gets the same BAH as his friend who is an E5 not married and no children. You want the allowance then either find someone who will put up with your arrogance or actually do some work and bust your butt to make rank to get it! Stop complaining…BAH isn’t new….been around for a long time.

    • Soldier

      Your BAH rate changed when you’re married. Check the reg.

  • wake99

    Having tons of kids or getting married is a personal decision- no one is going to pay you for poor judgment.

    • Mrs Perry

      Having one child is a poor choice or personal decision, if that’s the case, lets ask your mom how she feels…..

    • corey

      how is having a child, in any way shape or form, poor judgement?

  • Floretta

    Um, no different out here in civilian world. My husband started out in his state job as a grade 8 employee, changed jobs to a grade 12 which is the only thing that made a difference in pay rate. Beyond the years when he got a raise (and there were many when state employees got 0%) there was no bump in salary – not even when/because we had kids, or when I lost my job. This is the norm. If you can’t figure out how to afford a spouse and/or kids, don’t acquire them, lol.

    • SJT

      Floretta, he also makes more as a civilian. If it weren’t for BAH we’d be almost at poverty level. We make, with BAH, close to if not still less than what our civilian counterparts would make. No, you don’t make more because you have kids, you make more because you’re civilians. lol

    • Miller

      On your husbands last 12 month deployment did he get overtime for the 12 on 12 off 7 days a week? Man that must be nice. Case and point.

  • Renee L. Ten Eyck

    You’re right. Choice to have a family is not an employer’s problem. The banker doesn’t make more money because he has a family. The military gives money (IE:housing) once a service member has dependents. I don’t know any employer that pays simply for dependents. That said, since base pay can be lower, other benefits are in place to compensate, such as housing allowance, commissary & Exchange privileges, & mostly free medical. And, service members who deploy receive extra compensation for that (hazardous duty & family separation pay)-no different than some other jobs (DEA, CIA, FBI, many SWAT teams & police personnel, firefighters, etc). Though, many civilian occupations pay better, they also have to pay health coverage, higher costing life insurance & retirement funds directly from their pay, where as these costs are minimal to service members. Military life isn’t easy-I’m retired & a wife of a soldier over 20 years-but I do think we need to be rational & objective & see the big picture for what it is.

  • Renee L. Ten Eyck

    You’ve been misinformed about the pay and benefits system, but you can access the housing allowance charts at which will show you what each service member is entitled to based on rank, time in service, and whether or not there are dependents.

  • Dean

    It’s simple to me. If there were no dependents, we would have a bunch of unstable clowns running around. Family, overall, brings stability to an often stressful and chaotic profession. They effect the lives of their spouses, parents, and even the single Airman in more ways than can be accounted for. That little bit of extra pay is a tiny, indirect, thank you from the Government and U.S. citizens for making it possible for us to Super Power. If pay is your concern, you are in the wrong profession. Get out, then let us know how much you miss your without dependents rate. Not trying to be rude, but I’ve done my circle. At ten days old I moved with my dad to Osan AB, Korea. Thirty-one years later, I’m back at Osan AB. My dependents back home, you better believe, make me a better Airman. They make me make better Airmen. And they make the military a better military.

  • Crystal

    BAH is meant to cover the cost of your off base housing. As a single sailor you would only need a 1 bedroom, which is substantially cheaper than if you have dependents and need a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom. The increase in BAH does not equate to extra spending money in your pocket, it just means we can afford the 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom which can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 more than the single bedroom. And if you have children there are actual laws dictating how many people you can have living in a home per bedroom. I heard that if you live on base you don’t get the BAH listed on your LES so that family would qualify for say WIC or school lunches where as the same family living off base with their BAH listed would not. I find that irritating.

    • Guest

      That is not always the case. My sister is a mother of 3, pregnant with her 4th child. They were getting BAH & Wic when they lived off post. However the BAH they recieved wasn’t enough for a home to fit such a large family so the choice was made to get military houseing. Living on post she can still recieve WIC and food stamps. Our soldiers make barely enogh to get by and if they have more than 1 child even BAH isn’t enough to comfortably support a family.

    • Mandi

      Even if one lives on base (or in the barracks for that matter), he still gets BAH. The pay comes right back out before you see your check, but it’s authorized pay nonetheless.

    • Mom2be1226

      WIC is based only on your base pay, WIC has nothing to do with your non-taxable BAH (Basic allowance for housing- where is this BHA coming from??) or BAS (basic allowance for sustance…food). I’m a single mom and don’t qualify for WIC. I would only qualify if I married an unemployed civilian. make sure you know what the qualifications are for a handout…

  • Mrs. Perry

    One thing we are forgetting is that the Military does not pay for over time or holiday pay as in Civilian jobs, Our soldiers dont work 9-5, 7-3, or 11-7…many times they are leaving at 4-5 am just to come home at the latest, 6-8 pm. Not only that they have WLC and FTX days that require them to work for days on end, basically around the clock. No over time pay. So I agree that the pay and benefits are compensatory to what they do, my husband actually all together gets paid less that what he would be as a civilian with his job title and experience, dont believe me, look up Logitics Specialist with 5 years experience. Every job has its ups and downs and benefits and bonuses.

  • Anna-Marie

    Could you point me to an article that discusses BAH while serving an unaccompanied tour! A friend of mine says that we’d get BAH for our current base, and I say we’d get it for where we decide to live. I’m planning to move closer to my family, which is not near our current base. Thanks in advance!

    • Elizabeth

      If you go to finance before the tour and change your zip code for BAH for where you will be staying and have them put it in the orders you will get if for where you move. If not, it will stay set for the current post rate. And what Kate said.

  • marinewf

    Bah shouldnt depend on if your married or not. There’s plenty of military guys and I’m sure equal amount of girls that just get hitched for the bah or have contract marriages plus once you reach E5 you can have geo bachelor bah. Which were I’m at is only a $100 difference and those ppl earn it just as much as somebody that married. There’s plenty of single guys that have familys or dependents/kids to provide for that aren’t married that deserve to rate bah. Oh and you can rate bah if your married living in the barracks. My ex did for three almost 4 years. I think they should just have one pay and have bah and bas added into your basic. That would keep the military divorce rate down too.

    • HHH

      If a soldier has a child then they get BAH w/ dependent anyway, whether they are married or not


    I am AD and my husband is in the Guard. I currently get w/ dependent BAH rate. When he deploys for 6 months what will our BAH be? Do we both get single rate?

    • diddlyv

      Kinda Depends, ya’ll got kids if so one gets with dependents one single
      if no kids both single
      if 2 kids with moms name on birth cert and not husbands, and 2nd Kid with Dads name on birth cert and not moms both get with dependents providing non named parent has not adopted, if both parents names on birth certs for multiple kids still one gets with deps on without

  • Desertwolf

    I am currently on an unaccompanied tour receiving BAH for FL. I got 4 dependents and my wife is planning to visit me for about 45 days, now one of my superiors is planning to STOP my BAH entitlements, not just the FSA, if she stays for over 30 days. He says is in the regulation but I couldn’t find it, I think he’s wrong, how about the rest of my dependents living at the house? any suggestions?

    • King

      I know this is a little late but your superiors is trippin. I would just ask them where in the regs does it state that? Then tell them you go ask IG to look it up for you that will put a stop to that. It doesn’t matter where your family goes you still get BAH for your current duty station or if you pcs and deployed w/ in 12 months of arrival you can get get BAH where your family is located. Trust me I know it happend to me I got BAH for CA when I deployed from AL. HUGE difference all back payed and command reprimanded on rear D. That is poor command FIGHT for your family.

  • devine4700

    my daughter husband is not and have not send her bah in two months what can i do or she can do to get her money to live on hes in san diego and he left her here with me but correct all the income he is in th navy on the carl vinson

    • Mrs Helpful

      The soldier has an obligation to take care of their family. All you need to do is talk to his command. If they dont listen continue to go up the command until someone does. Trust me, if they ignore you there will be serious legal problems for them so they usually try to help out the spouses of shady soldiers

  • Jackal

    I have read all the comments and a lot them raise great points. I was once married so I have seen both sides of the coin. I will only point out one aspect of entitlements and that’s BAH. I am greatly disappointed in how the system applies dependent rate vs single rate BAH. I am a 19 year E-7 living in Northern California. My single rate BAH is less than a E-5 of 5 years with Dependents, that’s two ranks below me with less service time and he still gets payed more. Does anyone else see something wrong with that picture? Some people in this forum explain how it is fair for the military to compensate individuals for having families vs single individuals and people should stop complaining. Really? Remember it doesn’t matter if you have one dependent or fifty dependents you only get one dependent rate. Which begs the question why have separate compensation in the first place. Yes I’ll jump on the band wagon. Having dependents is a personal choice. The military should not carry the burden of compensation because a person chooses to incur expenses due to him or her aquiring a soulmate or dependents. Having to pack up and leave every time a member relocates is tough, but hey we all do it and that again is a personal choice you got into and knew you were making from the start. Just to give you and example of what I’m talking about here are BAH figures for Yuba city California: E-5 w/dependents – $1500; E-7 without dependents – $1293.00 Don’t trust my figures? look them up. So rather than rant and rave aimlessly, I propose the following solution. If the DoD refuses to fix this; and they probably won’t, I say the adjustment should be made to allow the higher rank’s entitlement to remain higher than the one rank below it. Ex. an E-6’s dependent rate BAH entitlement should never be higher than a single E-7’s rate etc. I strongly feel BAH should be fair across the board. No adjustments should be made for dependents. Just like alot of other choices in life, the member should eat the cost, not the DoD.

    • Cane

      That logic of thinking sir, is probably why you are divorced. I mean, seriously? You feel that you as a SINGLE person being an E-7 should be entitled to more Basic Allowance for HOUSING than a MARRIED individual with kids??? You have to remember that it is an ENTITLEMENT and not your BASE PAY. Let’s check the numbers right, so for BAH he makes a little over $200 more than you to find a home for him, his spouse, AND his children…you as an E-7 with more than 18 years make nearly $2000 dollars a month more than him as an E-5 with less than 6. So my question to you is…are you seriously complaining about a few extra dollars to I guess live in the same neighborhood as him? Do you really need all of that room as a single person…or do you just feel because your an E-7 and he’s an E-5 you should just have branging rights across the board even for Allowances for Housing?

  • Nikki

    My fiancee deployed again to Afghanistan Nov 1. Is missing our child’s birth by 27 days. Since we are not married do I need to provide a paternity test or court order stating that he is in fact the father, or will the birth certificate with his name on it be sufficient? Next question, will he get BAH with depn since he is deployed and our child cannot reside with him? Thank You.

    • guest

      Since you are not married and he does not have full custody of the child you will not receive BAH until the time you sign over at least 51% custody to him or get married.

  • af=cop

    um you’re an idiot. . . you DO get paid more money to have a family. because if you are a junior enlisted member such as myself, you do not collect bah and you make less. do your research and maybe you should’ve joined the military before you started talking this bs that you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • guest

      Af=Cop actually NO… you have the ability to live off post and provide housing for you and a family as a junior enlisted which..hey guess what…COSTS MORE MONEY then living in barracks which is why you would get BAH. So while you get a bump in pay it all goes out the window for living costs…zero net gain. Oh wait…you’re living on post..nope…no more money in your paycheck. Oh and grow up, act like an adult, and realize that for everyone BUT junior enlisted this applies in every situation.

  • vvv

    If a military couple has a child but are not married how does the BAH work. We are both E4 and I get BAH with dependant but will he also be able to collect BAH single or will he have to reside in a barracks or on a ship? Also How does family seperation pay work? We live in different states.

  • Brooke

    Will the military help pay for your first child? The father is in the Army.

  • Joe

    More money is more money, whether or not you call it BAH/COLA/etc…
    Civilian employers won’t pay you more to have kids or get a spouse-the most you’ll get is a handshake from the boss and some time off work for the wedding/honeymoon/maternity leave. If you have a nice boss and cool co-workers, you may even get a card or cake, but no salary increase.

    • kristina

      It’s not a salary increase. The only way you get it is if you live off base that’s what BAH is. The only way you can live off base is if you are A. married or B. a high enough rank where it is allowed. You do NOT get more money per child you have.

      • Sam
        • guest

          She’s lying…there is NO extra money for the kids, they will get a housing allowance but there is no extra money per kid.

    • kristina

      Also…for your information. The only reason they get BAH (housing allowance) is bc they pay you like shit anyways. My husband makes less than min. wage with just his base pay. And works I promise you way more hours than 8 hours a day. Let’s think for a sec…If you we’re over seas defending your country would you want to also have to worry about whether your family had enough money for a place to live back home?? No you would not. They deserve to get BAH.

    • Robert

      Joe, I have to agree with you. The married person is receiving more compensation than a single person based on nothing related to job performance. The Government would be first to pounce on a civilian employer who tried this but I guess it’s “Do as I say and not as I do.” It’s one of the reasons I left the military.

  • Disappointed

    My husband is in the AF and just recently has been sent on an unaccompanied tour to Korea. We were based in Minot, ND before hand and we had his orders changed to show that I have been relocated to CA. Not only did he have me put on his orders that I was relocated but we had to get them amended so that we would get CA BAH. We were informed that we would be getting DLA for our move and that we would also be getting BAH for CA. When we got here and looked at his bank account we noticed that we had only gotten BAH for Minot. My husband called and spoke with financing in Minot and they informed him to talk to financing in Korea. When he got to Korea they told him because the AF did not pay for our move to CA that we would not be getting BAH for CA. Though if we wanted BAH for CA we would have to give up our follow on to Germany. So now I’m in CA living off of my parents because I currently can not afford a place of my own, even though we were told emphatically told that we would be getting BAH for CA. I’m upset with getting DLA because it took us a 3 days longer to move here and we ended up spending far more money then we expected. Not to mention we were also told that as long as we save all of our receipts from our trip that the AF would reimbursed. I will settle for DLA because I have no choice, but this BAH part is BS. I have to say you’ve got to love the military for all the abbreviations.

  • Army Wife in AK

    Author is 100% correct…Base pay is base pay. It will only change when you are promoted or lose rank or at the annual pay adjustments. PERIOD. Allowances will change based on duty assignment and family status.

    Whether you agree or don’t agree isn’t the question. Your overall paycheck bottom line will change, but BASE PAY remains the same no matter your family status.

  • mudbug

    I have just posted a link to the rules and regulations of BAH. I have read most of them and understand that my daughter and her husband are entitled to BAH and FSA They should not have to provide anymore information then proof of marriage and her SSN. This has been provided more then once and yet she has been force to live with out BAH while her husband is in japan. This has been going on now since july of 2011. What i Need is a person or department that i can get to help me . He tried in japan now 3 times to get this worked out with no luck. thanks for any help you can give us.

  • MacLeod

    Thank you Randall Shumate, I was going to say about the same thing but not as PC.

    My 2 cents comes out though.. You people need to learn how to manage your own finances I do just fine w/dependants. My friend same rank LESS time in service makes almost 1k more than me he has a roomate and lives off post. seems he knows what he is doing with his money.

  • Guest

    My Grandoughter has triplet’s (2- boys and one girl) born Oct 24 2011. She is living with her parents, and has not receaved anything from her husband. He is in the army,and now is asking for a devorce. She is taking care of the three babies without any money from her husband????

    • KateKashman

      If your granddaughter is not receiving support and he is asking for a divorce, your granddaughter should immediately pursue a legal separation agreement that includes child support provisions. This needs to be done through the regular, civilian court system.

      The military is unique because it is the only employer who gets involved in matters of family support, and even then it only does so until there is an appropriate civilian agreement. Most child support agreements require more support than the minimum guidelines suggested by the military. There is much more information in this article about required family support.

      Good luck to her!

  • Linda

    Enter text rightCall his commander . Bet you she will get money ASAP here!

  • Steph

    I just got married so that we could make more $$$, so it is ridiculous to argue that military do not receive more $$$ for having dependents. As an anarchist and radical feminist, I see absolutely no reason to have the government recognize my relationship with my significant other – – EXCEPT for the $$$ reason that the military offers. My husband is going to Afghanistan for a year deployment, and this is his second year-long deployment to Afghanistan. We calculated he will earn $14,000 more dollars during his deployment, just because we went to the courthouse and got married. Sorry but that is a JOKE! I make more $$$ than my husband but why the hell shouldn’t he get the extra money, especially since we have lived with each other and been in a monogamous relationship for the last 10 yrs? Can you imagine how much more $$$ he would have made during that time if he were married??? It’d be at least $60,000. With all this said, the military should NOT pay members just for being married. I can tell you I am sure as hell not “dependent” on him or anyone else.

    • KateKashman

      Steph, I’m very curious where you live if getting married is increasing your husband’s income that much.. Your husband’s BAH will go from without dependents to with dependents, and he will receive Family Separation when he is deployed, but I can’t figure how that will add up to $14,000 over one year. I must be missing some other benefit that you’re including in your calculations. Please share so I can learn more. Perhaps you are talking about the tax benefit of being married? That, of course, isn’t a military thing but a federal government issue. I would love to know because I am always finding out new things that I’ve never heard before.

      • guest

        she probably adding in that he gets to keep BAH when deployed. If he didnt have dependents his stuff would go into storage and BAH would stop wouldn’t it?

        • KateKashman

          I don’t think so. I believe that if you are drawing BAH prior to a deployment, you can continue to draw BAH during deployment. Readers?

      • Zach

        Sep. Pay, hostile fire pay, per diem, bah, bas, and base pay add up while deployed not to mention you get paid for the travel there and back. On top of that its all nontaxable

  • lori

    If you are single and have lived in the barracks for 6 years and were unable to have your property moved from your parents house when first enlisting will the Army pay for moving your property from your home on record when you are eligible to move out of barracks?

  • Katherine

    My daughter died she was married to an Air Force person for 18 months. They lived together only three weeks of their marriage. She knew it was a mistake from the beginning. She wanted a divorce, he convinced her dur to the income he would get being married as he had a couple heavfty bills to pay . He even filed less than a year after getting married then dropped the divorce after he found out about the fact that he would get a “bonus” how she put it when he got back from being deployed and more if they stayed married. He was originally to be deployed 6 weeks after they got married it ended up he wasn’t until 13 months after. Now that she is gone, legally he gets all of her things including a home she owned and fixed up by herself prior to their getting married. My point being he stayed married for the MONEY HE COULD MAKE from the military…anything we can do about this. He is not good with money. Their joint account had over $3200. WHEN HE RETURNED YET HE IS TELLING EVERYONE HE NEED MONEY TO PAY THE FUNERAL COSTS OF $2300. He is a liar and now a thief in my mind.

    • mike

      They were married, there is nothing you can do. It may not have been as bad as she made it seem. I noticed a lot of military wives get the sames feeling when they get stationed somewhere away from their family. Best thing to do is leave it alone. Im sure he is grieving as well. He is serving his country and Im sure he has a lot on his mind.

  • Austin

    if you join the army will they just let you stay on base or will you have to go to war?

  • Mark

    My chids mother has been deployed ranked E-6 with 12years she left us with no money and were not married but I have sole custody of my child do i get support and if so how much.

    • KateKashman

      Mark, child support is determined by your local courts. You will have to file a case for child support. The local courthouse can help you. Technically, this is not a military matter. However, most commanders frown upon people leaving their children without support. Please, please take the necessary steps to get child support for your child! Good luck to you!

      • guest

        You will also want to mention that since they are not married a paternity test will be required (unless one is already done for the child to be in DEERS) and that since she is deployed it will be near impossible to bring a case to court until she comes home.

      • Capt

        I am an AD Air Force Capt on wing staff — this is absolutely a military matter. The only way it would not be a military matter is if there has already been a civilian court decision/documentation where the service member gives up any rights to the child. If that has already legally happened, then you are probably out of luck. The command may think that the troop is a horrible mother and bad human being, but there’s not much they can do. However, if the mother of a child (and if the mother is a military member then that child is automatically a military dependent – paperwork just needs to be turned in to show up in DEERS) LEAVES HER CHILD with no civilian court involvement coming up with a custody or guardian agreement, ya, that’s a big no no in the UCMJ and can have very negative career and legal implications for the servicemember. At the very least it can be abandonment and neglect. Under the UCMJ a servicemember is REQUIRED to provide housing and food for his or her dependents, whether the dependents are spouses or children. If that’s not happening the chain of command needs to be notified. If for some strange reason that doesn’t work call the base legal office.

  • I have a daughter that i’m trying to claim for my dependent pay, and I was wondering if you could tell me about alittle on the process i need to go through in order to recieve dependent pay.

    • KateKashman

      Dear HASailor, There is no such thing as dependent pay. However, you may be eligible for some variety of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) based upon her dependency and/or a court ordered child support agreement.

      First things first, though: you need to register her in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). The location of the DEERS office is different at each base. You will need her birth certificate. I believe that if you are not married to her mother, you will also require a paternity test. Once she is in DEERS, you need to enroll her in Tricare so that she can be covered by Tricare’s health coverage. There is no cost to you for her Tricare coverage.

      Once you have her in DEERS, you can begin the process of seeing if you are eligibile for any type of BAH.



  • Meme

    My granddaughter father called my daughter to tell her that she’s very stupid. That she will only receive the $166.00 per month of his base pay. He goes on to tell her that he receives BAH and she wont get a penny of that money. Question is that true? if not how can she receive additional child support? Yes, she receives support via the court system the monthly $166.00 per month. Please advise. thank you

    • KateKashman

      Meme, child support is not a military issue. If there is a court order for child support, that is how much is paid. If your daughter thinks that she should receive more child support, then she needs to ask the court to review the child support calculations. The court may or may not choose to include his BAH in the support calculations. However, that is for the court to decide.

      • grandma Di

        first your daughter can get her own income and benifits by having her own employment.
        Housing for mitary can be on ship base or off.
        If you live on base you would not receive allowance.
        If you do not live with family you would not receive a dependant living allowance.
        Child support needs to be set by your court and it is a percent of income. The law is 25 % of net pay for one dependant- 30% for more then one child.
        Extra-ordinary monies as investment savings may be used in reducing this.
        and grandma- he sounds like an ass of a guy, military or not. Please help you daughter respect his right as a dad and forget about him as a person of interest otherwise. god speed………

  • monica

    I have a question . For the past 7 months I have been taking care of a service members kids because she is over seas in an unaccompanied tour we had a verbal agreement that she would give me the child support money . Well she has only been giving me 400 a month for me taking care of both her children 24/7 and keeps saying that she cant get the kids dad to pay his portion of child support . However she is getting bah and fam sep and she is keeping it all . Should she be sending any of that money to her kids since the dad isnt giving anything , or is it ok for her just to send 400 a month ? I though bah was for the family in the states to have a place to live ?

  • Annelie

    My husband is a AGR in the Airforce serving on his 22 year and E7 and getting wrong pay. His pay is 4365 basic pay.Should he not get 4487?

  • new spouse

    I am a new military spouse and my husband and I are not agreeing on our housing issue. We live off post and decided to keep desperate bank accounts so he says we should split all bills 50/50. I thought with his BAH that would at least cover our rent and I’d be splitting just utilities and house hold costs but he says his BAH only covers his half of rent ($450/month). I thought married w/ 2 dependents was about double that, plus if we were living on post we’d just be staying there free, but he says they would take money out of his check just for us living on post. I don’t want to be unfair but I don’t think this is accurate….?

    • guest

      First, you guys probably need some marriage counseling, you’re living like roommates, not as a husband and wife team, and that is a recipe for disaster.

      BAH is based off of his rank and where he is stationed, you can find how much his BAH is by looking it up on the pay calculator. Just as an example an E3 at Fort Hood gets 1017 at the with dependents rate, 800 and change at the without rate. If you lived on post he is correct, the housing department takes his entire BAH, you don’t just “stay there for free” you pay for it (and from what my husband and I have found we can usually live cheaper off post).

      I think what he is saying is he wants to split all bills 50/50, including the rent, that the 450 is his half of the rent and that you need to provide the other half, so yes, while his BAH probably would cover all the rent, if you agreed to a 50/50 relationship then he’s saying he’s only obligated to pay half.

      My husband was very anal about finances when we got married and wanted to keep separate accounts as he was very badly burned by his ex wife who never paid the bills on time, then ran off with all of his money to be with the guy she had on the side. I disagreed with doing that as, in my opinion, it’s not a way to handle long term financial goals so I suggested that we go to a financial planner and I also provided him with bank statements showing my long term bill payment history and savings goals. 5 years later we are now in the opposite environment where he doesn’t give a phooey about finances as long as our net worth increases each month.

    • HHH

      By the military the soldier must give his dependents a minimum amount. If he refuses, you can go to his command and they will force him to by automatically taking it out of his pay. I’m not sure what your relationship is like but there are many soldier that marry to make more money and usually will try to keep that amount for themselves and ship the spouse off to family or whatever they can do to pocket the extra. I have never heard of a 450 BAH but that isnt to say that there isnt one. I will tell you though that the military tells the soldiers to keep everything separate until they are 100% sure that the spouse isnt using them as a cash cow! But the military gives him money for you no matter what your agreement is

  • Margaret Beever

    I would like to know if your married to a solder and living off base if you leave him and go back home (to stay) will he still get to live off base and get the housing allowance?

  • Me and my gf are getting married after high school

    So when I go to af boot camp am I getting paid there or after that?


    I want to be close to my future wife when I’m out is that possible?

    • KateKashman

      Oh, Marcel, I have so many things that I want to say. I am going to try to be nice. First, please reconsider getting married so soon. There are a million good reasons to wait, and only a few good reasons to rush. Most importantly, you need to be sure that your wife and you are ready to move to wherever the military sends you. It might be in your state, or it might be in another country. Picking up and moving is super-hard, and it is harder if you are married. Please trust me on this.

      To answer your questions:
      Yes, you will get paid during boot camp.
      Yes, it is possible to be near your wife after boot camp. She will have to come live with you wherever it is that you are stationed.

      Best of luck to you!

  • Jessica

    Do I need to be married when I go in the army to get full BAH?

    • Kate

      Jessica, single recruits do not receive BAH. They live in the barracks until they are senior enough to be authorized BAH. That determination varies by command.

      Married recruits receive BAH while they are in training, based upon the location of their dependents. Once their training is over, BAH is based upon the duty station.

  • Holly HS

    There are reasons that they help with the dependents! I am a military wife and even though I have not enlisted myself. I might as well have! When they say jump “WE” jump! Single soldiers just pack themselves and go. They dont need to worry about it. When he deployed, I don’t have a husband for a year and sit here state side worrying everyday whether I will be getting that call!! You obviously have no idea what that is like. Then I hear people say so, “well, then don’t get married!” So what these people are saying is even though a soldier is fighting for OUR freedom, they don’t think that he/she deserves to have a normal life with a family that loves him/her in between FIGHTING for OUR freedom! WOW That is so upsetting! If you are in the military and choose not to start a family.. I understand that it might not seem unfair to you, but if you could only think past yourself in the position you are right now. Maybe one day you will want to get married. If you don’t that is your choice but if you do, it would be very hard for you to survive with the ones you love in whatever place THEY decide to put you. Then when you deploy, you get to sit there and wonder how your family is going to be ok, because now you have 2 separate costs, you deployed and your family at home. People for some reason think that the money you get is so much but you don’t even get that extra if you live on base, so it is almost like you don’t get it at all! If families could live in the barracks then this would no longer be a problem.

    • guest

      I sincerely hope you are joking in this post. YOU did NOT enlist! Claiming that what you do is just as hard is an insult to those individuals that have actually signed their lives over.

      Onto the pay, if you don’t like it all going to housing, live off post. When they deploy it’s tax free, saving you hundreds of dollars a month, and it’s NOT a separate household because outside of some food and basic supplies, there is nothing to spend that money on.

      You do realize that those single soldiers in barracks technically get a BAH right, and it goes to the barracks, the reason married soldiers get cash BAH is because their families can’t live in barracks, if they could, you wouldn’t be getting any BAH anyway. If you don’t like it, don’t have kids or better yet…GET A JOB and assist supporting the household financially

      • Holly HS

        You obviously have no idea what you are talking about! Do you honestly think that when my husband “signed his life over” as you put it that he didnt sign my life with it? Everything I do revolves around what the military wants! I dont choose where I go, I dont choose what I do.. A good military wife does what is needed. I’m not saying I am deploying, but in my house all my husband does is the military. I take care of EVERYTHING else. I have a longer day then my husband could ever image! Then my husband deploys and I sit home worried sick. People don’t get what it takes to truly be a military wife because most of them are just out for money. Being a REAL Military Wife takes dedication that you obviously couldn’t possibly imagine!
        By the way I CANT get a job, because instead of paying someone to do it, I VOLUNTEER for my FRG. It is a 5 days a week job that I am happy to do on top of my other obligations. If it were not for us family member, it would cost so much more.
        I am not complaining about the BAH. We do not receive it because we are on base housing. Where we are we can not get safe off base housing so it doesnt matter one way or another.
        And obviously you have never deployed, because deploying is not just some food and basic supplies. There are many things you have to get for your room so that you dont in convince the military. If you ever want to talk to your family it’s difficult to wait in line for hours for a phone when you have been busting your ass all day in the sun. You need computers (I say that with an s because the sand distroys everything in no time flat), a cell phone which is not cheap, and lots of our things to keep you from going insane!!! My husband had to buy almost all his food on his last deployment because by time they finished for the day the caf was closed and it was either go to bed exhausted every night and starving or buy it himself. You truly shouldnt talk about things that you obviously dont know!

        • guest

          Lady, I am a female spouse, AND a former soldier..and my husband has been in over a decade an a half with MANY deployments under his belt. I do what is needed, I go where the military sends us but I DID NOT ENLIST!!! I do not have to get shot at, I do not have to spend months or years in hostile desert territory etc. Nope, instead I have my OWN life, I work full time, and gee, guess what, I take care of EVERYTHING too (and am a member of the FRG, habitat for humanity and the humane society) I pay the bills, clean the house, take care of the kids, take care of the pets, do the food shopping, the budgeting, the financial planning, the taxes etc.

          If you think volunteering is an excuse for not seeking employment you are delusional. If you think you need more then one computer to make it through a deployment you need to speak to your husband about being truthful. We went through 2 on 6 deployments, one was 3 years old to start with. You do NOT need a cell phone on a deployment unless you are overly needy, Skype, email etc is just as good.

          They are offered the opportunity to go to the DFAC (not the cafeteria as you call it, so obviously you are the one who knows nothing). If he can’t go and they are closed, most of the private places are already closed…and why aren’t you sending him packages with last minute foods in it?

          • Holly HS

            My husband has also done many deployments as well. Dont talk to me like Im an idiot. What I was trying to say, that you became overly-anal about the way I said it, was that I gave up all my liberties too! And sadly where we are stationed, I could be shot at! We have had MANY shootings here. But good for you that you are stationed somewhere that you dont have to worry about that!

            Good for you that you work full time and do EVERYTHING. The difference between you and I is I am disabled and still do EVERYTHING. I can barely walk and I still do everything so it takes me longer than most, so I’m sorry that I cant be super woman like you!

            Skype is a horrible situation when deployed, it freezes non-stop so saying that is just stupid!

            Also you say that I’m overly needy, but the phone wasnt for me! My husband actually wanted to talk to me and hear my voice!
            Sorry that isnt the case for you! After many stressful days being able to talk was a stress reliever for him. I would get calls at 3 to 4 in the morning all the time. They were attacked many times and it was something he could do to calm down after a bad day. It amazes me that you would say an email is just as good as a call. That is very sad. I am willing to bet anything that you ask any vet that EVER was in war and ask them if they had the option to call home or just get a letter or email, they would say a call 100% of the time! You saying that is one of the big reason that we have so many PTSD problems out there. I have talked to hundreds of soldiers that have told me that it really helped them to cope when they were able to call home and hear the ones they loved.

            And yet again you are WRONG about the stores. The places where you can get food after the DFAC closed are open 24 hours a day on some bases and until like 11 on others. Also I sent out ATLEAST 1 box a week to my husband.. Usually more with letters from me and our family members and friends.

            I am sorry if I am coming off rude but the reality is that you are in lala land if you think that all Military spouses have it great! I wish more than anything that I could get a job like a normal person, but i cant so in offends me when someone opens their mouth and puts their foot in it assuming that they know what they are talking about.

    • Guest
      • Holly HS

        I’m not upset.. I understand what she is saying about not being enlisted. I was not trying to say that in any way but looking at it, that is how it came out so that was my mistake. She does have her opinion and I do believe that parts of it are right. I have lived my entire life some way apart of the military. My father , grand father, great grand father, brother in law, uncles, etc. All served. And all their wives, including myself were happy to stand by their sides. To be honest the only reason that I did not serve myself was because of my father. When he was in women where not treated well and all though there are still problems today that is not as much of an issue, but after I had my accident the option of being able to serve my country disappeared. So now I have decided that the next best thing is to help on the other side of things, which is helping families and soldiers alike back home and sending care packages to those deployed. Luckily I have a MIL that is also very much into doing the same and we have sent out many over the years. I’m not complaining about the situation I have chosen, well past being attacked by someone who has no idea what I have gone through in my life. I’m happy and thankful for the medical I get even though I try not to use it (My situation cant be fixed so I do not try to go waste the hospitals time with it). Life is not easy in the military or not. I pay taxes just like everyone else. I don’t consider what I do for a living a job, but none-the-less, STILL PAY TAXES! lol
        And just in case she sees this.. I never said that my volunteering was a full time job, but most of the things I do thankfully I can do from home if I have a issue.
        I help with a lot of the emotional side of things as well for both soldiers and family members. Sometimes it really hard for people to go to the military for those things because they feel like anything they say will be held against them. Most of them don’t need to be counseled, they just need a shoulder to cry on from time to time.

        A problem that we have in the military is kind of shown in these posts from this woman. Everyone wants to just say “Suck it up. Get over it.” instead of being compassionate of others feelings. It’s kind of sad. I understand why it is done, but if they were to focus a little more on that they really would not have as many issues of PTSD today. There are MANY cases that there so NO way to stop, but there are quite a few that if they had felt they could deal with the emotions in the beginning would not have gotten as bad as they have, but instead they bottled it up for fear of what the military would say or do and just added to it. I realized this problem many years ago when my hubby and I had first gotten married. It started out with just talking to our friends and kind of progressed from there.
        So with saying that.. She can attack me, and for a moment there I was offended, but I realize now that she has no idea who I am or what I do for the military. I’m proud of my country and what my friends and family are doing for this country and no opinionated person is going to change that! :)

        • guest

          Really? How much in federal taxes did you pay last year after you got your refund? I’m willing to bet you probably got back more then you paid in come refund time.

          If you are so disabled how do you volunteer 5 days a week and YES you said you can’t get a job because you volunteer (note: not that you can’t get a job because you are disabled)!

          “By the way I CANT get a job, because instead of paying someone to do it, I VOLUNTEER for my FRG. It is a 5 days a week job that I am happy to do on top of my other obligations.” Those are YOUR words.

          Instead of getting all up in arms about military pay, etc, how about you actually say thank you to those of us that SUPPORT your life, those of us that pay 20k plus a year in federal taxes to give you food, shelter, utilities, and obscenely expensive health care! A private plan, with a pre existing condition, would run you about a grand a month outside of the military, plus copays, medicine, medical supplies etc.

          Simply marrying a soldier does NOT entitle you to special treatment. We all get married knowing what this life is, what it can bring and the challenges we can face. If you don’t like, or can’t accept those things (like having a normal family life) then GET OUT of the service, he’s there voluntarily. We are in a draw down, he could go up to the commander and say “hey, I don’t want to do this anymore” and they would be willing to let him go in a month so long as he wasn’t in a high demand MOS (they’ve been doing it in hubs’ unit for over a year).

          • guest
  • Navy wife

    Hi Kate,

    I have a question and I’m hoping you can assist me with it.
    I’m a Navy wife and I’m considering a legal separation from my spouse. I currently reside in the state of GA. How would a legal separation affect my spouse’s current BAH rate as well as any benefits I currently have (Tricare, Commissary and Base access). Also, would the separation paperwork would have to be submitted to either DFAS, DEERS or my spouse’s Commanding Officer? Thank you in advance.

    • Kate

      The military does not recognize legal separation as a marital status. As far as they are concerned, you are either married or not married. Until the day a divorce is granted, you are married. Your husband will remain eligible for BAH and you will remain eligible for Tricare and retain your shopping privileges.

  • Lloyd

    Hi! I’ve served in the Coast Guard from (1973-1981) I got out on a Hardship Discharge, because of my Ex-Wife.
    I’ve worked all the way up until my Doctor told me to get a sit down Job, but in my field which is Retail there is no sit down Job, so I had no money coming in the house.I am single,but live with my girl friend.