November 2010 Mid-Month Pay

It must be near payday – my box is filled with people wondering when they will get paid next.  Here is the scoop:  military payday is Monday, November 15th.  If you have a bank who releases your deposit early, you will get it on the regular Monday payday schedule.  Nothing I am writing is a guarantee, but based upon my experiences and reader comments, that means that:

  • USAA will get paid on Friday
  • Navy Federal Credit Union deposits will credit on Friday night
  • Wells Fargo should be paid on Friday, probably

THESE ARE NOT GUARANTEES.  This is all based on readers’ previous experiences.

Please keep in mind that there are all sorts of variables involved here.  First, the banks are physically incapable of depositing all the pay at the very exact instant.  They process the deposits in batches, so you might be paid at a different time from your buddy who uses the same bank.  The banks are not obligated to allow you access to the deposit until the end of Monday, so please be kind and appreciate any early deposit, but don’t get all aggravated if you aren’t paid early.  It is a courtesy that these banks provide for their customers.

Also, please, please:  If you are stretching your budget tightly enough that the difference between Friday and Monday is very important to you, talk to your branch’s relief agency or your Command Financial Specialist about working out a spending plan to get you through to the next paycheck.  Sometimes military pay comes every two weeks, and on rare occasions it can be up to 19 days between pays.  If you are planning for every two weeks, those longer stretches can throw you for a loop.  The next payday for the military will be on Wednesday, December 1st.

Please feel free to update with more information in the comments.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Jeremy

    Well it’s 445 am on the west coast and nothing has posted yet which doesn’t make sense since we were paid on the Friday before last pay cycle.

  • Raul

    I’m definetely switching banks. I know of people that got paid today but if you’re with BOA no one got paid. I hope I get paid Saturday which I have before.

  • Derek

    I have BofA after I just switched from USAA so it`s all new to me. Anyone know a sure payday/time for military on the East Coast? I`m really, really hoping I get paid tomorrow ha.

  • travis

    did anyone from wells fargo get paid today?

  • adam

    I have wells Fargo… unfortunately.. and I haven’t been paid yet 3:37pm I’m switching to usaa

  • fitz

    1600 today got paid allsouth federal credit union.

  • David

    I got paid on Saturday 2 weeks ago. I checked my account today after I’ve been hearing people got paid and I haven’t gotten anything. I bank with First National Bank of Wichita Falls in Texas. How does this USAA awesomeness work if it doesn’t have any actual bank locations. I’d love to get paid earlier, instead I’ll be a broke Airman and buy beer with my Star Card.

  • Suz

    To my surprise, BOA got paid Friday night/Saturday morning last pay period. Hopefully it will be the same this time

  • Michelle K

    I bank with both BOA and Wachovia/Wells Fargo; Because there was a holiday on Thursday they did not credit my account today but they said by midnight on Friday which acctually becomes Saturday. I always stay on top of my accounts and try to have a strong relationship with my banks. They usally see your direct deposit before it’s ever issued and if you call them they will let you know when it is released. I personally like corporate banks b/c they have always worked well for me. BOA is no longer doing military banking but they are still located world wide. I know that Chase is now offering military banking with special perks, I am going to check into this b/c it maybe. Also I have had direct deposit before and it is hard to say when you will see your money sometimes I’ve seen it after 12 and others not until the morning. Best of luck to everyone and enjoy a nice long weekend

  • Tara

    It’s 1455 here on saturday in Korea which means it’s abou 0100 on the east coast and I haven’t gotten paid yet with BOA… Hopefully it gets here by 1700 Korea time

  • Suz

    @Tara, where is your home bank?

  • Drew


  • Drew, that is the form that tells you how much you are going to get paid on your mid-month pay, when the LES is not yet available.

  • Drew

    Thanks Kate, the amount pending on mypay and the amount pending on my bank account is about 3500$ off because we have TLA. Is there any chance of that “pending” amount changing?

  • Drew, your pending amount won’t change. TLA will get paid as a separate deposit. In my experience, it is usually pretty quick. TLA does, however, show up looking like pay, and it will all be accounted for on your LES.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the deposits had better descriptions?

  • Raul

    So I got paid today! I have BOA and I got paid at 5am Saturday. WOOTT WOOTT …now I’m a go on a beer run and get drunk.