September Commissary Remote Location Sales

Last month, I did a post on the Commissary’s special sales that they do at locations that are away from regular Commissaries.  DECA (Defense Commissary Agency) calls them on-site sales, and this sparked some debate.  One could argue that an “on-site” sale was on the site of a Commissary, and that properly these remote sales are “off-site.”  I can see both sides of the point and I’ve decided to call them “remote location” sales to clear up any confusion.

During these special events, a commissary will load up a truck (or several) will a variety of merchandise and set up a mini-commissary at a location that is far away from the regular commissary.  These events are designed to help Reserve, National Guard and Retirees use their commissary benefits without having to travel great distances.  To find out more information about each event, look at the DECA Guard and Reserve Sales page, then click through to the sponsoring commissary location.  Please call to verify all information before you travel!

Anyway, the list for September:

September 2-3:  Camp Parks, California, Coast Guard Station

September 9-11:  Grissom, Indiana, Grissom ANGB

September 10-11:  Rochester, New York, 98th Training Division

September 10-12:  Houston, Texas, Ellington Field

September 11:  Fargo, North Dakota, Hector Field

September 11-12:  Frankfort, Kentucky, Guard and Reserve

September 11-12:  Williamstown, West Virginia, Armory

September 17-18:  Roseburg, Oregon, Douglas County Fairgrounds

September 18-19:  Douglas, Wyoming, National Guard Armory

September 18-19:  Temple, Texas, Guard and Reserve

September 19:  Coleville, California, Coleville Military Housing

September 24-26:  Chattanooga, Tennessee, National Guard Armory

September 24-26:  Yakima, Washington, Yakima Training Center

September 25:  Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, Camp Grafton Training Center

September 28-29:  Bowling Green, Virginia,  Guard and Reserve

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  • David Nolte

    When will the remote commissary be in the Redmond, Oregon area. Is there a Web site where I can check the schedule?

    • Teri

      Looks like the list says April 20-22. If you will click in the above paragraph that is highlighted it brings up a list of places and dates: DECA Guard and Reserve Sales page