Vonage or Skype Phone?

For several weeks, I have been comparing the services of Vonage and Skype telephone.  I have been reading articles and trying to figure out which choice would be best for my family, and I haven’t made any progress at all.  I feel frustrated and I have some business that I can’t complete without a US phone number (the silly NEX phone card won’t let me call toll-free numbers, and many US companies don’t publish toll numbers.)

Do you have experience with either Vonage or Skype’s telephone service?  Do you have any recommendations or thoughts?  I would appreciate any help you can give, and I hope that other readers will benefit as well.

Thanks for you thoughts!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • I’ve been looking at the same thing because my wife and I don’t have a landline and I’ve been using too many cell phone minutes. My current research has brought me to Oomah and MagicJack because they have the cheapest ongoing costs. There are downsides to MajicJack (your computer has to be on for it to work), but it only costs $20/year. It is also only good for calls to US/Canada. But there are several good options, and most are cheaper than landlines.

    That said, look into whether or not you can use them overseas. MajicJack is only good for calls to/from US/Canada, so it may not work where you are. Be sure to read the fine print! :)

  • Jamie

    I’m sold on Skype and have been using it for four years because it’s flexible between platforms and countries.

  • Sylvie

    We’re using Vonage for years now. It’s conveniant, since the only thing we have to bring with us when we’re traveling is the modem. We are also able to pick up our messages from anywhere in the world. The prices are cheap. We do a lot of calls in Canada and believe me, it’s worth all the pennies…

  • Lisa Bohn

    I would have said skype, until recently. I was using skype credit religiously while DH was overseas, but their credit card processing is not secure, as I found out the hard way. Someone got my card number and began to charge my account pretending to be Skype. I tried to contact skype about the issue but was only able to email, not call a live person. They are very difficult to get in touch with, the person answering emails was outsourced and the emails were very difficult to read. Then, to add insult to injury, they just told me they were still investigating and to try back in a few more days. After a few WEEKS of trying I finally got a reply from someone fluent in English (still no phone call from a live person as I requested many times) saying that my account charges were fraudulent and they were sorry about the situation, but to take it up with skype. I will never use them again.

  • Lisa Bohn

    Edit: take up the fraudulent charges with my bank, not skype

  • Jim

    I have tried vonage and found that company to not be very customer friendly. The best I have found and am using today for my home phone is Magicjack. You have to have cable internet to use it but it only cost you about 25 dollars a year, not month. The quality is the same as a direct line from ATT or Ma Bell. They also have about the best international rates I have seen.I can call my friends in Sweden and Australia for 2 cents a minute.

  • Jen

    MagicJack! We live in Europe and call the US frequently. We got to choose our own number and the computer has to stay on to receive calls. We just bought a cheaper cordless phone just for hooking to the computer for MagicJack use only. Voicemails are delivered to your email inbox. The initial cost is $40 for the first year and the modem, then $20 year after. No per month charges like the other two services. It is possible to make calls to places other than US/Canada, but not for free. You must purchase prepaid international minutes, for example a call to a fixed line in the UK is 2 cents/min, calls to mobile phones are MUCH higher ranging from 23 cents/min to $1.20/min. All the rates are listed on the website.