Home Depot Military Discount: Official, Updated Information

Reader Feedback Requested:  Lowe’s and Home Depot Military Discount and Veteran’s Discount

Update 5 May 2011:  The discount has not changed.

Thanks to Stephen Holmes of Home Depot’s Corporate Communication department, we have an official answer on the Home Depot Military Discount policy.  In response to my post last week, he emailed me the following statement:

“We offer a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID.  All other military veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.

But I think it’s worth also noting that we support the military, military spouses and their families in many more ways that go beyond the discount. It’s a personal issue to us because we have so many of our own associates who have served over the years and about 1,700 who are currently serving on military leave of absence.”

Thank you to Mr. Holmes for giving us a clear view of the rules.  Mr. Holmes also encouraged me to send him any other questions, so please post them in the comments.

Hope this helps!

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Deborah H. Dean

    I hope that Home Depot will send out a memo to their employees. Managment needs to make sure all employees, part time, full time and seasonal know this policy.

    I shopped for some ceiling fans, one employee told me the discount was only for Memorial Day weekend (the weekend had just occurred); another told me they dropped the discount; but the clerk at the front told me the discount was in effect all year for 10% off…but she did add it was for up to $500 purchase. There is a difference between receiving 10% off purchases up to $500 purchase and “a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum.”

    • Preston McKee

      I am Preston McKee, a disabled veteran and did not receive my 10% discount at Home Depot located at W. 7 Mile & Meyers in Detroit, MI? I showed my Service Connected Veterans ID and was told it was only for the holidays. Am I eligible for the discount if I take my receipt to the store?

      • KateKashman

        Preston, the stores are clearly not following the policy clearly. If you’ve the energy to argue with them, you might try calling the customer service phone number. Unfortunately, we can’t force them to give the offered discount.

        Thanks for your service.

        • jeebs

          “Can’t force them”? So, you’re basically saying that your company policies are worthless, and that your store managers are insubordinates.

          • Steve S

            I don’t believe KateKashman represents Home Depot.

            Any manger on duty should know the rules and be able to help in situations like these. As long as your disability is “service connected” and you have a VA card that says “service connected” below your photo then you should get the discount every day of the year unless your purchase is for other than personal use. The discount is not allowed for business use or for use by a tax exempt organization or for your friends or relatives. Immediate family members in your household must have their own current IDs to be entitled to the discount as would be the case for someone who is active duty or retired status.

            It is unfortunate that some associates do not understand the policy. Usually when this is the case they give the discount when it should not have been given. Also the discount is limited to purchases up to $5000 but does not apply to sale items or to items considered commodities and to some other items that are not allowed to be discounted per the manufacturer such as certain brands of garden tractors.

            I have worked at Home Depot for more than 15 years.

    • William

      I went to a Home Depot in Shallotte, NC , they refused to give me 10% Military discount. I am retired of 22.5 years in the military.

      • Willie

        I will do my shopping at Lowes Hardware in the future because they will give the 10% Military discount.

  • Kathy Sahu

    What I don’t understand is why the Military discount is limited to “active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. All other military veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.”

    What about those like myself that served 12 years of active duty but did not retire, become disabled, or join the reserves. Why are we always left out of the Military benefits picture? Does my 12 years served NOT COUNT for anything? I am a Viet Nam Vet and take great offense to the way the Military Discount is treated every place that I’ve been! To me it is very unfair to leave the rest of us out. We served our country and did a damn good job at that. Only difference in us and the category of people that are typically listed is that fact that we do not have a Military ID of any sort. We do however have a DD214.

    Where is the Thank You in this situation? I would love to hear an explanation to this scenario.

    Kathy Sahu, USN VETERAN, Cryptography

    • JOHN


      • Jason

        Yes Kathy, your right on the Home Depot thing. My wife and I just bought an older house and we are fixing it up. For the last 4 months at least 2 times a week we have been going to Lowe’s and Home Depot getting our supply (more Home Depot). Today I went to the Hickory store to get some building supplies etc… . I have an older VA card just never updated it, but it don’t matter the cashier said, it don’t look like our paper copy does and you can’t get the discount. I said call the Manager. The manager arrived and looked at my card and said yea she’s right we don’t honer it unless your disabled vet, active or retired. I explained I shop there very regular with 200.00 plus in purchases due to me updating my home we bought. His response sorry I can’t give you the discount… we changed policy a month ago hell I’ve been in there 8 times this past month to now. I said a few words not to kindly about the nice notice to all who have served and said my business will be Lowe’s or the small man they need it. Note: the cashier was pretty shitty that’s more so that I got that way back.

    • Bill in Billings

      I fall into the same scenario, Kathy, so needless to say I also think that it is very unfair to isolate just us few.

      Bill in Billings, MT

    • john

      right on kathy i wish there was a lowes closer to me

    • john

      first of all active service men and woman are fighting wars diable vets are mostly in hospitals or homes so they wont go to home depot what a chop job home depot you suck

      • Nevada Smith

        Home Depot and Lowe’s policies are the same.
        Also there are many disabled vets who do shop in the stores.

        • Mike

          Lowes always honors my Virginia issued military ID card. Home Depot won’t—
          Not the same policy where I live.

    • Frank Winberry

      I too am a Veitnam Veteran and have a military ID. I am not retired military. I did a 6 year term and came back home. I have had no problemsgetting a discount with any store but the Home Depot in Poplar Bluff Mo. To me being a Veteran means you served your time protecting our country and our freedom. All veterans should get the same treatment. If one gets a discount, all should get a discount. If not then, we all should shop at Lowes where they treat all veterans equally.

      • Nevada Smith

        Some Lowe’s stores AND some Home Depot stores DO give the discount to all veterans every day of the year. These stores are not following official policy.

        There is no difference between the official policy of both stores.

        Do not be surprised if stores not following the policy do start following at some point.

    • Gail Shelly

      I agree with Kathy. I am also a Vietnam Vet and I fought hard for my country. We put our lives on the line every day we were there. The soldiers that were in the Vietnam war get overlooked in so many ways by this country. It would be nice to be shown some type of respect and be recognized for the time we served. Gail

    • Tony

      The discount to veterans is a courtesy and to be used on certain holidays. I am a Nam vet and thank them for it. I did not understand the program until I just read it. Now I know and am more understanding how it works. I will say that most Lowe’s and Home Depots that i have shopped in have been very helpful. I thank them again.

    • Paul

      I have been shopping at my local Home Depot, and ONLY recently did a cashier, who happenedto see my ID told me about this discount. Just think of all thosepurchases I’ve made where I couldhave gotten this ??

    • Guest

      I will start by saying Thank You for your service during Viet Nam and not to sound rude to you but you choose to not retire in the service and get out for a better way of life so you are no longer an active duty military or retired service veteran so you shouldn’t get any discount. If someone was disabled during active military service that is self explanatory why they deserve to get a discount. I hope this has shed light on your statement. I myself have been dealing with the US Military for 27 years and have given up a lot but it was a choice I choose with my husband. Reservist only have active duty status when they are performing active duty and I’m sorry for all who may disagree serving on active duty reserve does not even come close to the ones who serve everyday of there life for 20 plus years and the sacrifices that are or have been made by them or there spouses.

      God Bless, Activity Duty, Military Wife

      • carl

        just not right a vet is a vet is a vet

    • Nevada Smith

      Indeed where is the thank you in this situation. YOU should say thank you for getting the discount 3 or 4 times a year on the holidays mentioned (I think Labor Day is also included). A Home Depot employee is treated no different than you. There is no employee discount not while employed and certainly not after you leave the company but you sir do get a discount 3 or 4 times a year for the rest of your life. Stop your whining. Home Depot owes you nothing. If you don’t think you benefit enough for your service then take that up with the federal government.

      Be thankful that you get something when an employee gets nothing (unless of course they have a military ID as well).

      • Army Vet

        Screw you. How many years of your life did you give up for your country?

    • Jean

      So I am at Home Depot today and the older gentleman in front of me shows his ID for a veterans discount. The clerk tells him he does not qualify for a discount so the gentleman asked to see a manager. They ask me to go to another line because this may take a few minutes. I tell them no thanks I want to hear this.
      So a young cocky full of himself moron comes to talk to the gentleman and says no you do not qualify. The gentleman tells him he has always gotten a discount there. So the moron says well we have told our people to tighten the rules and we only give what corporate requires we give and you do not qualify. The gentleman says he will then take his business elsewhere. The young moron replies that is your choice. The gentleman starts to leave and I step in.
      I tell the moron if one of your idiot friends walked through the door right now you would have the option of giving him a discount and with your attitude you would do it. So step over to the register and give this guy his discount. He says he does not qualify for it.
      So I tell him look here is how this is going to work. Either you give this guy a discount and I call Home Depot corp and tell them how good of a manager you are in spite of the stupid policy.
      Or I go home call Home Depot corp tell them I stupid the policy is and their manager is a moron, then I blast face book and it goes viral and you get to be the moron you are.
      I think you know which one he chose!
      So people please blast Facebook with this story.
      It was store E Spokane #4714
      5617 E Sprague Ave
      Spokane Valley, WA 99212

      What a shmuck, he also told the gentleman that he would have to talk to the CEO of Home Depot to change his mind.

      I hate people who do not respect our military.



  • Donna Gill

    Lowes offers everyday a Military Discount of 10% off any purchase with an Active Duty or Retired ID Card or a Department of Veterans Affairs ID Card. To those who served those 12 years or 14 years who do not have a Retired ID Card can call the Department of Veterans Affairs to see about getting their Department of Veterans Affairs Card and then they can qualify for the 10% off ANY purchase, no maximum ceiling everyday of the year. Lowes also offers all Veterans who haven’t gotten their Department of Veterans card or who doesnt have an Active Duty or Retired ID card can show their DD214 or other service cards to get the 10% on advertised holidays.

    • Tony

      They changed it now they require a photo military ID. retired, disabled or active. Veterans can recieve a discount on certain holidays with proper photo ID. VA has just passed a law that you can get a veterans photo ID through the DMV on line.You have to show or mail a copy of your DD214 and it will cost $10. They no longer accept copies of the DD214 as I was told at Lowe’s

    • Rev. Weaver

      Our local Lowes will not accept a DD214 at all……Was very rude when i tried to use mine. Must have a military photo ID.

    • Jean

      Wish they would give balance transfer opportunities…. I would transfer my bal to Lowes and gladly pay them the interest for the remodel, I have already paid them over 16,000 and will not give them more… Lowes here I come

  • John Cross

    I agree, they need to share this info with all their employees and enforce it. But you get the same discount at Lowes every day without hassle and no maximum purchase with the discount. The most important factor is NO HASSLE !!!! Home Depot stopped giving our church their Tax exempt status, just said they dont do that any more. I won’t return to Home Depot.

  • It is strange that Home Depot will match Lowe’s sale prices and give a additional 10% to ensure they have the lowest price. But will not continue or match Lowe’s military discount policy 24/7. Now only on certain holidays.

    Thank you for reading.

    Posted by Jerry Hansen USN / on August 24th, 2010


    • Roy Warnecke

      Amen, I served over 9 years and also served in Korea & Vietnam . I was told by Home Depot that they changed their policy & now I am not eligible except on certain holidays. I inquired at Lowes and was told they will honor my service 365 days a year . Guess where I will shop from now on ?

    • charles

      how do I get a picture ID military card


    • Carolyn

      Please check your information- Lowes policy on Military Discount is exactly the same as Home Depot’s. Thank you

    • Nevada Smith

      Home Depot DOES match Lowe’s policy regarding military discounts.

      The OFFICIAL policy of both stores IS the same.

      Some Lowes’s stores are not following their own official policy and some Home Depot stores likewise are not following their policy.

      Look it up both offical policies can be found on the web.

  • Bob

    Hey! I didn’t know about any service discounts at either Lowes or Home Depot. I’ve blown a ton of money at both places over the 35 years since I retired.

    I don’t suppose they offer retroactive adjustments. I could add a new wood-shop building out back! I’ve outgrown the old one.

    • Paul

      Yes, Bob, I to just found out about this. I’ve been using Home Depot for 10 years

    • Nevada Smith

      The discount does not apply to previous purchases and besides they have not been offering the discount for the past 30 years.

      A manager may choose to allow a refund/rering for purchase made during the past week to accomodate persons who did not have their ID with them when they came in.

  • after reading all comments; this is what i know for a fact; in ohio home depot has let several employees go because of giving military discounts after they made their changes in march 2010 of this year. they then in turn changed military discounts again this year to even less military personnel. the employees were confused concerning discounts to who or whom and were let go because they were giving to family members of military veterans; who were also employees of home depot. it appears if you are employee of home depot no discounts but the memo states family members; nothing about employees of family members. home depot has made big error concerning this but will not rectify their mistake. home depot claim they are for military but they don’t give anything to military employees who work for home depot. they are not for discounts of any kind to anyone. they keep changing their policies to suit their needs only. thanks for any updates to this comment.

    • Nevada Smith

      This is ridiculous.
      I have been working for HD for over 15 years. The military discount is for anyone who qualifies whether they are an employee of Home Depot or not. If they have the correct military ID then they are entitled to the discount in accord with the rules for any other military person.

      I would strongly suspect that anyone that was fired for either giving or receiving a military discount was because they were not entitled to the discount.

  • Michael Boyd

    After making 3 visits to my local HD in Clinton, MS (last visit on 09/05) to buy a washer and dryer, I was unable to get a military discount. The sales lady was rude about it, would not research availability, and told me that the discount was not available because the washer was “Entergy Star” rated, and only qualified for the entergy star rebate. I went to Cowboy Maloney’s.

  • Wife of a Soldier

    If you do not have a military ID, you will fall under the discount offered on Memorial weekend and 4th of July weekend. Thank you for your service.

    • Nevada Smith

      To get the discount on holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or Veterans Day) you still must have some sort of military ID. The only difference is that on those holidays the ID is accepted even if it is expired and a DD214 is accepted with photo ID, even a military designation on a driver’s license should be acceptable (in the states which have it) on those holidays.

      Home Depot associate for over 15 years.

  • Crystal Knightsbridg

    My local Home Depot refused my husbands dependent ID card and was told only the active member could use the discount. Before I rejoined the reserves i used to use my DD214 as i did not have an ID card, and they stopped accepting that also. Does my time served not count because I wa sno longer serving? People, we need to speak a lot louder than this if we are to be heard. The People of this country get the benefit of our serving to protect their rights and freedoms, the least we can get is the benefit of a small discount as a thank you.

    • Nevada Smith

      “The People of this country get the benefit of our serving to protect their rights and freedoms, the least we can get is the benefit of a small discount as a thank you.”

      I was told that the best heroes are the unsung heroes who serve out of a sense of duty and not for what they can get in the way of discounts the rest of their lives…

  • Lyle

    Today, I was told the discount has officially ended for the military at home depot. To that I say, I will now shop only at Lowes.

    • Thanks Vets

      Lowes and The Home Depot have the exact same policy when it comes to the military discount. I have checked at both places personally.

    • Nevada Smith

      Stop spreading false information (as of 09/14/13).

      All veterans still get the discount 4 holidays a year for the rest of their lives whereas Home Depot associates get no discount (unless they are also veterans). Active duty and retired status as well as someone with a service connected disability get it everyday subject to some excluded merchandise.

  • Home Depot does hone

    Just used my retired ID card and received a discount in Dayton Ohio. No questions asked.

  • ray

    Sadly, today I was told that Home Depot no longer offers a 10% discount to military personnel. I have been a home depot customer for all home improvements, I told many military members to shop home depot because they appreciate what we do for our country. But today that stopped, so today I and hopefully all other military members decide to spend their hard earned money at LOWES, where I hear they appreciate the military all year round. And for that I say your welcome.

    • charlie

      hi ray …. how do I go about getting a military picture I D card….charlie.

      • Annie

        You must be entitled to a military ID in order to obtain one. Check in at your local or nearest military Pass & ID office; be sure to bring all relevant documents to prove your entitlement. If you’re active or retired from any branch of the U.S. military, or a qualified family member, you most likely already have a military ID. If you’re a veteran who doesn’t meet the criteria, you won’t qualify for or receive a military ID; veteran status alone does not qualify one for the military ID. If you’re a disabled vet with access to the VA, suggest you look into VA ID card requirements.

    • nancy

      i shopped at both home depot and lowes both took my id and i recieved discount, that was three months ago, make sure you talk to the right people there, ten percent from both places

  • Becky

    The Home Depot can NOT stop giving you tax exempt status, what is most likely the case is there is an issue or a problem with YOUR tax exempt registration and YOU need to take care of it on your end. If your church does indeed qualify for tax exempt status, it cannot be taken away from you by a company. Check on the churches tax exempt registration with the store to see what errors there may be.

  • Becky

    So many of you people posting on here really need to get your facts straight. Home Depot DOES offer a 10% discount to ACTIVE, RESERVES, RETIRED AND DISABLED VETS WITH VALID ID also DEPENDENTS WHO HAVE VALID ID. As to why they do not offer it to ALL who have ever served? Write a letter to Home Depot’s corporate offices; to get bent out of shape with the store associates isn’t going to change ANYTHING. They do not make the policies; however, they are required to enforce the policies handed down to them from the head honcho’s at corporate.

    • Scott

      Becky, I went to Home Depot today, presented my valid active army ID, and was told that I was still ineligible. The fact is that some stores are not honoring any discount but the holiday one.

  • Grace Plants

    We will no longer shop at Home Depot because they no longer offer the 10% to ALL past military. The same thing they sell at Home Depot we can get at Lowes plus enjoy a 10% discount.

  • SaRonica Hawaii

    I was informed that you can only receive one discount at a time. I’m in the reserve and my husband is active and I want to purchase shutters. There is 15% discount running for a promotional period and I was told I can only get the 10% military discount or the 15% promotion, NOT both. Please clarify your policy.

    Thank You for your assist.


  • Geoffrey Morrison

    30 Oct 2010 – I was just at my local Home Depot at The Forum in Live Oak Tx and presented my ID card for the 10% discount, but I was turned down because my ID card was “pink”. The clerk stated that Corporate stated not to take “pink” ID cards. This means that I as a Retired Reservist having served over 27 years and my fellow Retired Reservists and family members are not eligible for the discount. Lowe’s honors the “pink” ID card and gives the discount. I thought I met the policy Mr Holmes stated in that I was a retired military member and have a valid military ID card. This must not be the case!

    • Roger Brown

      Pink ID cards are reserve ID cards, when you retire from active reserve you are listed as inactive reservice, you still hold the pink ID card so you can go to a military base to shop at the BX or comissary. When you reach age 60, you will be classified as a retired reservice member an you will get a gray ID card that you will get all the benifits of a retiree from the reservse program. I left the reserve with 22 years of active and reserve combined, when I filed for my retirement at age 60, I recieved a letter stating that I had a total of 38 years for retirement pay and benifits.

      • Mark R.

        It works like this: 22 years combined active duty and active reserve (drill for pay). He was then transferred to the retired reserve (non-pay, non-drill, available for service via a Congressional recall) for 16 years until age 60. Total military time is therefore 38 years. His longevity time continued while in the retired reserve because he could be recalled to service via a Congressional recall but not a Presidential recall.

      • Roger

        I was also in the inactive reserve for 16 years which is counted towards your retirement from the reserves, when you add the 4 years active and 18 years in the reserve plus the 16 years inactive reserve equals 38 years total.

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  • Jerry M. Pondelicek

    I am a Viet Nam veteran. To get a 10% discount do I need to bring in my DD-214 to prove I am a veteren? Thanks, Jerry

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  • Ana Vas

    We asked about the discount and was told it was only for specific items, and only if we used a HomeDepot Card.

    We asked at Lowe’s and was told to bring in our old receipts and they would give us the discount on past purchases… we just found out about the discount.

    Where would you shop????

    • John Whiteman

      I just (4/26/2011) left Home Depot where they told me the 10% discount policy was only for active duty members and not retirees. First time I had shopped at this particular HD and I told them that I also got the discount at other HDs. They said the policy just changed…I did not know enought to ask them when the policy changed…has the policy recently changed?

  • We purchased a wooden shed on display outside the front of our local Home Depot. When I asked about the military discount they said that did not apply to this type of shed because it was in some other category – I cannot remember which. Please clarify.

  • B. Fergus

    I recently went to purchase a new refrigerator at HomeDepot and at checkout the person at the register told me there was “NO” military discount on appliances. Verified through a manager at my request. Thanks for your service HomeDepot!

  • Patrick G.

    I’m glad to see Home Depot has given an unambiguous possitive response to those who serve our country. I hear from their store clerks that this response is now part of their training program.

    The new policy has actually made it more deficult for me to get the discount because I am an ex-member of the British military and my proof of service document is not listed as one of those “approved” in the trainig documentation. I used to have no problem getting the discount. The irony of this is I spent most of my six years in intelligence under the command of the USAFNSA in Germany.

    I will plead my case with Mr. Holmes!

  • Lee F

    We have many business owners (contractors) using military ID’s to get the 10% off a purchase they make for the business, as a Vet I see this as an insult. The Vets discount was for the needs of the Vet, not the needs of contractor businesses. Is this worded anywhere in the policy. Every pruchase they make for every different job has been followed by an ID card, if the owner doesn’t have one (no service) they have one of their employees make the purchase. This is wrong on every level.
    Thank you

  • Flash! Home Depot has discontinued year-round military discounts. They will only offer on a few holidays– July 4th, Vets Day etc… Was in my local store today (12/27/10) and was told this came down from their corporate HQ last week!

  • Bernie E

    Iwill no longer shop at H0me depot and thilk allother vets should do the same. also their name should be taken off of brads deals.com list

  • jerry

    Home Depot discount is more of a disclaimer,very disappointed and a joke. Will not accept ,VA I.D.card if it does not read service connected on Veterans affairs I.D. card. ((((I do not need this hassle))) for only a few days out of the year,to receive a discount. I will now shop a LOW’S where you can receive a military discount every day. (NO HASSLE) I was lucky I was not wounded. So at Home Depot they will not accept the VA Card

  • Korea/VietNam Vet

    All this is interesting. We were at Home Depot today to purchase kitchen appliances. They are running a 10% off Maytag sponsored special on certain appliances. When we asked about the Vet’s discount, we were told that we couldn’t have it – that it would be “double dipping”. Wait a minute – the sale is being sponsored by MAYTAG! The Vet’s Discount is supposed to be Home Depot’s service to Vets. So how is that “double dipping”. I’m with you folks. Probably gonna cancel my sale at Home Depot and see if Lowe’s has the same appliances. Really sorry to see that Home Depot has taken this road…

  • Joseph

    Home Depot has joined the list of greedy corporations, with managers that are being paid far too much money. This military discount (in my thoughts) was just a scam for getting more business. If they were really concerned about the veterans in this fine country, all of these complaints and concerns being mentioned on this site would never exist. My concern is why does Home Depot favor some veterans and not the others. There are many War Veterans that served during dreadful combat situations, just because they did not make a living in the service(s), nor was injured, or in the reserves stateside), or on present active duty and never subjected to any harm. Why, again, are the Vietnam heroes that served, and many lucky enough to return without injury (physical), are excluded. This sickens/irates me.
    I have been a loyal customer with Home Depot for years and have two Home Depot’s credit cards. Well they are being cancelled. I also believe that the people in Haite (spelling), are being treated better than vets.

  • Joe

    Corporate Fat Cats, along with the Government, have always seperated themselves from the Vietnam Vets, Probably the Kor/Vets also. This seems to be the way it is for us. We are continually being hidden in a dark room. HomeDepot and Lowe’s are not alone. Time to start spending my money back into the Mom & Pop Hardware stores in my city. They deserve it for being slammed by these big discrimanting businesses. Atleast they treat everyone the same. The full house Carpeting that was being ordered at Home Depot has been cancelled.

    Vietnam ’68.

  • jimcyee

    Jerry P.

    As another Viet Nam Vet, I was hassled as not being ‘Active’ and my DD214 was not valid any longer without an official Military ID Card with current picture. They cited too much abuse with people freely giving out copies of DD214’s. I will attempt to obtain a Veterans Affairs ID pictured ID card so as to meet HD’s policy. I can see where abuse comes into play and HD don’t make much more than 10% profit, it that much. Does anybody know if he Veteran Affairs ID card is available for all military vets?

    James Y.

  • Chris Raymond

    To all of you: at both Lowe’s and Home Depot: My brother, honorably discharged from Army/Vietnam can not use his DD214 anymore, not even with PASSPORT, DRIVERS LICENSE AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE (to prevent “fraud”). If you served in the military years ago, you can ONLY get a photo military ID is you financially qualify for VA benefits. There is no “military photo ID” for long-separated veterans not getting or asking for VA benefits. Lowe’s and Home Depot are being disingenuous and cynically wrapping their corporations in the American flag when their “thanks” only applies to a sub-group of people who served their country.

    • “ARE”

      Chris says it all when he stated “there is no military photo ID for long separated veterans. I am a disabled WWII veteran, and stateside Korea, and Vietnam Period veteran activated from National Guard and Reserve Unit, Photo ID cards were not issued during these service periods. Because the Company that I worked for offers better medical coverage under Medicare and Aux. coverage with standard medicare iniial co-pay deduction that is better than the VA will issue, I am not eligible for the VA offered military photo ID card. The State of Virginia does offer a photo ID card upon presentation of your a DD-214 and $10.00 good forever, however neither Lowes or Home Depot will accept this card as proof of Veteran status claiming that it is not a government issued card. I guess the State is not government. The debate goes on and on.

      • KateKashman

        ARE, there are no official military photo IDs for veterans. The VA is not part of the Department of Defense, and VA medical cards are not military ID. Lowes and Home Depot are looking for the Department of Defense issued military IDs, either in the form of a Common Access Card (CAC) issued to active duty, reserves and National Guard, or the DD Form 1173, which is the ID card issued to retirees, family members, and 100% disabled veterans. Lowes and Home Depot’s requirements for the Department of Defense ID card are directly in line with their guidelines for a military discount: active duty, reserves, National Guard, retirees, family members, and 100% disabled veterans. Basically, if you have a Department of Defense issued military ID, you are eligible for the Lowes and Home Depot military discount.

        If you are trying to utilize Home Depot and Lowes veteran’s discount available on designated weekends each year, then the requirements are extremely relaxed. A DD214 is enough for the discount on those weekends.

        It seems like everyone is trying to make this more difficult than it is.

  • mak

    Found a work-around for the HD military discount… When we showed my dad’s card and they wouldn’t honor it, we got into it with the manager. We shared that Lowes DOES honor it and almost walked away from a $1,000 purchase. Finally they let us know that they cannot honor the military discount, but since Lowes does, they can give us the “competitor discount.” It’s something that they don’t publicize, but if you ask this way they should honor the 10% off anyway.

    We’ll still shop primarily at Lowe’s but this is good to know for rare instances where you can only find the item you’re looking for at HD. Hope this helps others.

  • J Collins

    As a Home Depot shopper of many years I have appreciated the discount that I enjoyed when presenting my VA id card to the cashier.
    No more of this I was recently told : corporate decision (Orders from the district manager in Venice Fl.)
    Hey guess what. I used to buy just about everything at home depot but I am now going to make a management decision of my own and do my shopping at Lowes which is the same distance from my home. I am asking all of my fellow vets to join me.

  • Jim

    Just went to Lowe’s today and was informed the everyday Military 10% discount IS no longer valid. Checked Lowe’s website for confirmation and found nothing. Awaiting email from corporate to verify this new policy.

  • Mary

    They are enforcing this policy because the ones without the card or DD214 are asking for the discount and have never served in the military.

  • Terry Lampton

    Why does Home Depot treat veterans differently? I firmly believe a veteran is a veteran regardless of how long he or she served. I will always take my business to Lowes NEVER again to Home Depot.

  • Dan

    Me to, AF VET and CG AUX present. NO DISCOUNT ANY MORE

  • Bob Bennett

    As not only a retired Navy Vet with 30 years active service, I’m also a General Contractor in the state of WA. I have the required State Resellers Permit on file with Home Depot Corporate offices that allows the tax on items I purchase for my contracting business to be tax free. For over 9 months I have received both the 10% military discount and no tax on business purchases as I was informed by HD Customer Care in July 2010 that these were two separate entities. Last week I was checking out at my local HD and was told I would no longer be able to receive both the Mil. discount AND have the tax removed from my purchase. I asked for a manager, even showed him the email from July 2010 and he would not budge. I left my shopping cart sitting, loaded, in front of the cashier.
    Through an ongoing exchange of emails with HD Corporate Customer Care, HD claims there is nothing in writing to support this policy. I find this unacceptable and HD has lost one of its Professional customers.

  • Bill

    I have the same problem when I go to Lowes and Home Depot. The way I see it I served this country for everyone including the people that make the policy on Military discount. To me a VETERAN is a VETERAN

  • Lance Boyer

    Quit going to Homes Depot and go to Lowes it is a classier store and has just about the same prices. They appreciate veterans and give the discounts to you as long as you have a id card.

  • JL in Florida

    I just left the Orange Monster and was told as a retiree no discount except on military holidays…said was a new policy…hope Lowes doesn’t follow suit.

  • Brian USMC

    Went to Home Depot last week with an ACTIVE DUTY ID CARD and they said that the discount is no longer applicable, except on military holidays. LOWES gives me the 10% discount every time. I guess LOWES appreciates the military a little more, and they will get all of my home improvement business!!

  • VeteranswifeAnn

    We use Home Depot reguraly and at times are able to enjoy the 10% veteran discount. Notice that I said “at times”. There’s no ryme or reason in these situations. Just one day they do give us the discount and the next day they don’t. There is no posting of the rules anywhere in the store and there is definatly no clear cut training for the employees. I think it is just luck of the draw on who you get to check you out. The last time my husband was in making a large purchase, the clerk told him is was only for “active” military members. His comment to her was that if that is truly the case, then it should be called “ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL DISCOUNT” not “VETERANS” discount as there is a big difference in that advertising. We are currently checking out Lowes for our future home needs purchases.

  • SonInMilitary

    “Many of the stores have made the decision not to honor the military discount year around. We will honor the discount year around if items are purchased online. I apologize again for the inconvenience.” This was the response today from a Home Depot Customer service rep. My son DID NOT receive the military discount at our Home Depot in Arkansas! Our business will be taken to LOWES.

  • annie

    went to home depot today and were told there is no longer a military discount at all – (as of 4 days ago) going to Lowes

  • Rider

    I shop at Lowe’s now for most of my lawn needs because of the 10% military discount. Thank you Lowe’s.

  • Steve

    As od 11 May 2011 home depot will only give military discount 4 times a year per the Home Depot in Fort Worth Tx

  • JP

    I am currently in Home Depot I have been buying paint for the last 3 weeks I even made a major carpet purchase. I have used the Home Depot in Benton, AR and Mabelvale. Today at the Mabelvale location I purchased lights and was told no discount. The same store that gave me a discount the day before. So I Google Home Depot military discount and this article pops up. I immediately show them and wahlah they have to uphold my discount. So use this article how can they argue with their corporate office!

  • G Booth

    The HD I shop in Sarasota FL, told me that the MILITARY discount will no longer be avaliable after July 2011. All Military – Active, Disabled or Retired.
    Is this true? If it is true – I’ll shop elseware!


    5-22-2011. Just came out of homeDepot.Showed myDept of VET. Affairs card. Was told discount only on HOLIDAYS????????I’am disabled . Sure glad it all FIXED???????

    • KateKashman

      Larry, does your VA card indicate that you are a disabled veteran? If so, then the store has made a mistake. If your ID does not show that you are a disabled veteran, then you need to get the VA to fix that. Without an ID that states that you are a disabled veteran, you are eligible for the patriotic holiday weekend discounts. Memorial Day is one of the weekends that both Home Depot and Lowes offer discounts to all veterans.

  • David

    I shop at the Home Depot in Keller, TX 2 or 3 times a week. I have always used the military discount without any problems but today when I went in to buy a small tool, the cashier told me that the store was no longer honoring military discounts. I asked to speak to the manager and he very rudely told me to come back on a holiday and they would honor it then.

    Home Depot’s biggest competitor, Lowes, offers a 10% discount. For Home Depot to say that they only offer the discount on holidays is an insult to all Veterans. They get the good press of saying they give a discount to military without realistically having to do so because no vet interested in the discount is going to wait for a holiday to shop at Home Depot when they could just go to Lowes any day of the week.

    I am very insulted by the manager I spoke to and Home Depot’s lip service to the military. Get your good press some other way.

  • David

    I just called the Home Depot customer service line and spoke to a woman named Marie. She reiterated that the discount is only offered on specific holidays. I referenced her to this article and she stated that she did not know who Stephen Holmes is and that the information published here is incorrect.

  • Brian

    HOME DEPOTs in VA BCH as well as LOWES offer 10% year round for military just show them your ID

  • Scott

    Meant to title my post as @Disabled Vet but it put that as my name. Anyhow, sorry to hear about all of this happening. Maybe Kate can get to the bottom of it all?


    • KateKashman

      Scott,I’ve pinged my folks at Home Depot again. Honestly, I’m getting a little sick of sticking up for them when clearly there is some huge miscommunication internally. I also agree with Disabled Vet that there is something really wrong about loudly promoting a discount and then making people feel wrong for trying to use it.

      I’m not sure what sort of resolution might occur, but I am just as irritated as my readers and I hope that they straighten out this mess quickly. It’s just wrong.

  • KateKashman

    Oh, gosh, Reservist. That is ridiculous!

  • Liz

    My husband went to Home Depot this morning and when he tried to get the military discount he was told that they no longer will be giving it. Will be doing our shopping at Lowe’s only from now on.

  • ronald carta

    I agree with all these comments. It seems hard to believe that Home Depot does not respect the men and women that served in past conflicts.Are we any different then them. I respect all of them and I would not treat them any different than I would like to be treated. SHAME on HOME DEPOT. I hope they enjoy spending the extra money.

  • ray

    what about a veteran who receives penson, with a department of veterans affairs id card. can they receive that 10% discount?

    • KateKashman

      Ray, it depends on whether the veteran has a service-connected disability. Thank you for your service.

      • chuck

        Hey, just saw maybe you are a lady or girl!!! that comment was not a slam. ive called them many times and always talked to a lady.
        Thanks for your service!!!

    • Chuck

      in strongsville ohio, at lowes your va card is sufficient, at home depot your card must say either “service connected” “pow” or “purple heart” then you get it all the time, if your va card is not notated as one of the three then you only get the discount on vets day and so on. yes it sucks, since the only reason my card says service connected is because I was awarded 20% disability, the pow and purple heart are obviously what they are. Yes any Vietnam Veteran ( in-country service) should get the discount, Blame the pin-head in the home office who is nothing more than a lousy Bean counter, Im sure his ancestore are proud of him or her, it;s probably a “her” based on my experience with Home Depot.

    • chuck

      in strongs ville ohio home depot your card has to say service connected or pow or purple heart, or you get discount only on special days. At lowes you get 10%every day if you have a card. they were giving it to scum bags who just “said” they were vets but had nothing to prove they were, needless to say that stopped after I was behind a scum bag and I complained loudly to the Cashier,Manager, and the scum bag.so now no card no discount, and they dont take dd-214″s either. there are 4 million vietnam vets, but ther are 14 million claiming to be one. can you believe it?.

  • stockwis

    its like all our new congress all talk no actions give to the rich take from the middle class and poor i was in for 3 yrs over 1 in Vietnam shot in my leg not disabled and never would i go to a VA hospital

  • Get over it PLEASE!

    First of all thank you for your service to our country but when it comes to the discount did you join the service just to get 10% discount? The discount is for active military disabled military or retired military. You were paid for your service for the time you served. I think its time to get over it!

    • Marne

      Oh absolutely…years of fighting and sacrifice and domestic and mental anguish abolutely do NOT render any perks! And we have the audacity to utilize a 10% retail discount? What were we thinking???!!!!!!!!!!

  • Get over it PLEASE!

    Lowe’s Official Answer on Military Discounts
    July 14, 2010 | Kate
    Reader Feedback Requested: Lowe’s and Home Depot Military Discount and Veterans Discount

    Because it is one of the most frequently searched questions at The Paycheck Chronicles, I contacted Lowe’s and asked them to clarify their military discount policies.

    Here is the response I received:

    “All active, reserve, retired and disabled veterans and their immediate family members with a valid, government-issued military photo ID card are eligible for the discount year-round.

    Valid, government-issued military IDs include the Veterans Identification Card (VIC); the Uniformed Services Identification Card, both Active Duty and Active Duty Family Member; and, the Common Access Card.

    Lowe’s continues to give a 10 percent discount to all veterans who have a DD214 on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day

    Read more: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2010/07/1
    The Paycheck Chronicles

  • Steve Lychock

    Why does Lowe’s allow x-military who are NOT eligible for the Military Discount take the discount? According to your guide lines only military with a VALID ID CARD (Active, reserve, retired or disabled vets). Each visit I made to Lowe’s I see Military Discount to people who are not eligible or do not have a valid ID card. I am a retired VET ad served my time, while others who are not eligible get the perk. Lowe’s must be loosing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS because their employees do not understand the requirements
    for the discount.
    Thank You

  • Delta

    I am retired Military, and have never had any problem in Lowes or Home Depot using my 10% discount. Biggest problem I have is remembering to ask for it.

  • bonnie

    Just go to Lowes…when we go to Home depot we can never find someone to help us!Lowes is always helpful,no hard time and glad to take money from Home Depot!!!

  • Robert Scully

    I wrote two letters to Home Depot Customer Care, 2455 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA 30330, 04/24/11 and 06/01/11 without the courtesy of a reply as of this date. The letters addressed military discounts for a retired US military member (24 1/2 years). Your assistance in obtaining written reply to these letters will be greatly appreciated.

    • KateKashman

      Mr. Scully, I wish that I could help you. Unfortunately, I have no power over Home Depot – I just report the information that they disseminate. It is their official policy to offer military discounts to retired military members who have a valid military ID, but I have heard that some stores are having difficulty interpreting the policy.

      Good luck to you.

  • John Kelly

    So I guess some of us are only veterans on certain holidays according to your interpretation. I wish that was the only days I had to serve in Vietnam. How about the true vets WW1 and WW2? Thanks for nothing.

  • Dave

    I am an active Guard Member, I own a Construction Co. If I buy materials for a job or myself would I also recieve the discount.?

    • Jeebs

      Probably, but should you?

  • dave

    Ive not used it for clients.

  • DwB

    I am a retired military member and have been denied a discount at two different Home Depot’s. That’s why I stick with Lowe’s.
    Seems their corporate office is not relaying the information to the stores. Looks like a lot of lip service to me.

  • Lowe’s offers 10% discount to Veterans year around in case no one knows that.. We always go to Lowe’s never a problem and better customer service..

    • DeskTopApple

      Thanks, AMANDA and no questions ask at Lowes.

  • Jennifer

    I used the discount today, use it quite often. All you have to have is your VA ID Card or Military ID.

  • Ron

    It’s pathetic the way Home Depot treats veterans who proudly served our country. Unless you are active duty, or retired or disabled you don’t get a discount except for on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day. Then to get the measly 10% discount, you have to have a picture military id. To get that you have to have a certified or original dd form 214 and request an appointment at the county clerk’s office. I was honorably discharged quite awhile ago and having moved several times since then, I lost my original dd form 214 so I had to have my local veteran’s office fax St Lous, MO to have them send me a certified copy. That takes over 2 weeks. Then I have to go thru the ordeal of making the appointment and by then Veteran’s Day will be over and I will have to wait until Memorial to make use of the discount. It’s 10% for crying out loud, not 30 or 40%. Give me a break, will ya, Home Depot? I am going to shop at Lowe’s from now on.

  • Gordon E

    Our Lowes has started to require an “Overide” by a manager while Home depot just does a scan of a discount page. I think Lowes is attempting to make it such a hassel that you will just skip the discount.

  • spermwhale

    I hold a uniformed services blue I.D. card which states U.S. Navy retired. On two shopping trips to Home Depot I was denied the10% discount. I was told the i.d. was good only on certain holidays. I was asked for a V.A. red white and blue card.

    Went to Lowe’s and they readily accepted that i.d. and gave me the discount and thanked me for my service. Goodbye Home Depot,. Hello Lowe’s.

  • Danielle

    I wanted to correct a misunderstanding on some of these posts…Home Depot actually does give their military discount for orders placed by phone. You can pick out your items online, call with the SKU numbers, and they will give you the discount, no questions asked. I just did this and saved nearly 50 dollars.

  • Doug

    Home Depot may have found a way to deny us what they claim to give by their own military discount policy. I went to purchase an appliance today at Home Depot because they advertised 10% off appliances for today only. When I tried to use my military discount, the store manager claimed that the 10% off price was already a discount (not a sale price) and he could not apply two discounts to any item. Creative way to deny us what they say they give.

  • Cecil

    Home Depot is a commercial business not a branch of the DOD or VA. Therefore if they want to call a (singular) program “The Home Depot Veterans Discount Program” (there is no Military Discount program and then a seperate Veterans Discount program listed anywhere on their web-site or on the documentation the store manager provided) then that program should be for all veterans. I agree that they don’t have to offer any discount. I really don’t care about the discount. What I don’t like is being told I’m not a Veteran.

  • Doug

    I have an update to my previous posting about “discounts vs. sale prices” and the refusal of Home Depot to honor a military discount with so called discounted items. After returning to the same store the next day and finding the actual store manager rather than the manager on duty the evening in question, she was extremely gracious and stated that Hone Depot wants to keep their military customers and gave us the military discount as well as the sale/discounted price on the appliances we bought. We subsequently returned, bought more appliances and she personally wrote them up and processed the sale giving us the military discount on top of the lowest prices for those as well. My faith in the store to do the right thing has been restored.

  • Gil Stewart

    Ok Home Depot;You can see that many,many veterans are upset with your discount policy for veterans.I’ve been told my verified veterans pictured card has to
    say ‘service connected’ to get the 10% dicount.That means ;if I was a POW,wounded in action,or had Diabetes;I could get the dicount.Many veterans
    like myself, have served our time but do not qualify!This is not fair for millions of Vets.This is a slap in the face to the very men that did their patriotic duty protecting
    you, while we were sent around the world,disrupting our lives.
    The solution is; accept an official ID pictured card or DD214 papers and you
    will enhance your business! —Gil Stewart


    my georgia drivers license says vet why is this not enought i.d. for home depot to prove iam a vet .i just left oakwood ga. home depot i was giveing 10% discount but was asked to bring other i.d. next time. i cant get vet license if iam not a vet .my georgia license should be all i need.THANK,S DONALD CARVER

    • George T

      Lowes accepts my GA veterans drivers license

  • Tammie

    I am a military spouse and I do not ever use military discounts and neither does my husband. My husband has been downrage several times, but he chose to join the military. We appreciate that a business wants to show support by giving the discount, but we are blessed to each have jobs! Give the discount to someone who really needs it and doesn’t think it is owed to them.

  • travelingal702

    Looks like Lowes far surpasses Home Depot in the military discount department. Here in DE, the military discount is honored at both HD and Lowes, no questions , no hassle. You just have to provide your military ID. It would seem that HD is missing the boat and losing customers over their vague rules concernng the discount. I find it hard to believe that they are losing money, since both these stores are “the only game in town.”

  • F Zeukas

    I am a so called snow bird .I live in New Jersey for 6 mos. and Florida for the other 6.I receive my military discount in N.J. with no problem since i have a retired former military Id issued by the State of N.J.I tried to use it in Sarasota and it was denied.I told them i will take my business to Loews who loves my veteran card

  • Diana

    I am a desabled vet, we do not have military ID.” you only get an ID if your retired

  • Jon P

    I have found that not all the stores give a 10% discount to us retired military
    the one in Brookhaven,Ms has never given me a full 10% on any purchase,I questioned them about it and they told me i must have gotten items that were already at a discount ,I checked to see and I had not ,on a $128.00 purchase the military discount was $4.35 that is not 10%.The lady at the check out was very nice and ran it three more times and it came up with a diferent amount each time. She called the store managment and they told her there was nothing they would do about it.I have not had this problem at anyother home depot stores but will not be going back to the Brookhaven one again.

  • Tony

    I went today to hd and was informed of this policy change since I was always afforded a 10% discount. I immediately walked out and fleft $600.0 worth of mdse for my deck on the cart, and went to Lowes Good job Mr. Holmes!

  • al h

    Al H

    I’ve just spent a little over $7,500 on my roof, and as a disabled Vietnam veteran I can’t get the 10% discount. Whenever I reach a live person it’s either “I don’t think so” or “I don’t know”. But none of them can point me to someone that can give me a clear answer. Home depot has some problems that’s really not that hard to fix.

  • Ralph Schuster

    I have used my VFW Life membership card and my American Legion membership card to get the discount at Home Depot. No problem My VFW card shows Vietnam & Nućlear Deterence Patrol. I served on the brown water and later I server end on SSBN in the USN. Many businesses will accept one of these membership cads as you have to be a veteran to be a member..

  • warren

    thanks for turning me down for a 10% discount. now instead of a hr. long trip to shop with hd I will travel 1/2 hr. more to go to lowes for my purchess. 11/13

  • albert perhach

    Three years in a combat zone – US Army I am not eligible for the lowes discount through the year. Many retired veterans spent no time in combat yet they get the Lowes discount. Since my veteran card no longer is good at lowes, in the last two months I bought a chipper shredder, pressure washer, radial arm saw, and a jig saw. I also buy three bottles of propane for my shop and grille. These recent purchases were made at other than Lowes, and will continue. I am also a contractor, but do not buy in bulk, so no discount. I normally spent two to three days shopping at Lowes. Your welcome for my service.

  • ed meaux

    Just called HD and verified discount only to retired, disabled or active duty. All other VETERANS are not worthy of a 10% discount except 3 days a year.
    So, I’m off to do my shopping at LOWES.

  • Madmaxmutt

    The Home Depot policy has now changed. Good luck on understanding the new policy.

  • Melissa DiFranks

    I work at Home Depot, and the military discount has not stopped, only modified. We only regularly take tan cards- dependent:; red card-retired; blue card- retiree or disabled veteran; CAC- Common Access Card-( must state service connected)active duty and reserve: And finally the VIC-Veterans Identification Card. On holidays ( memorial day, 4th of July, veterans day)- we take all of the above and also DD214 form. It’s not my policy, because I would give the discount no problem. I just do what corporate says. Please don’t get mad at the cashier checking you out, we just follow policy, no matter how many times it changes. Thank You0.

  • joann

    It”s always a round about with policies I worked for home depot for 19 years , recently retired . Home depot can never give a straight answer. Was just on this site to read some reports ,clicked on a report ,sent me to their home page to make a selection . That’s not what I wanted. The site never gives you what your trying to do . In this case military discounts. Going to lowes where they honor all military personell ,

  • Ricardo Famisan

    I bought plumbing equipment at 325 Chatman Dr. Newport News, VA 23602 today
    08/09/14 and showed my military ID for 10% discount but the cashier said that it’s not allowed for discount. Cashier name-Hui HKC3599. Been shopping at this store and getting discount. Is this new policy?

  • Mike

    I will never again shop at Home Depot. I spent $103.81 at the McKinney, TX store and got a $1.90 military discount. Only four of the nine items were covered by the discount, and this was not clarified at checkout. I got home and checked the receipt and you only get a military discount on those items coded with an “M”. I am going to return all the items and go to Lowes in the future.