Home Depot Military Discount Info

Reader Feedback Requested:  Lowe’s and Home Depot Military Discount and Veteran’s Discount

Update 5 May 2011:  The discount has not changed.

I’ve gotten a few questions, and heard a few rumors, that Home Depot has stopped offering their military discount.  I have sent emails to the corporate offices, including the spokesperson, in hopes of some clarification but haven’t heard back from them.

However, I read today that the Home Depot military discount program is still in effect. Please let me know your experiences and maybe together we can figure this out.

UPDATE 15 AUGUST 2010:  Read the official answer from Home Depot at Home Depot Military Discount:  Official, Updated Information.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Kate, this is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care. I’d like to clarify this for you. Can you send me an email to tinzley_care@homedepot.com?

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    • Disable Vet in PA

      I just went to Home depot and got the 10%, but only on certian items? I was told the discount does not apply to your entire purchase. This was not explained in past and after looking at my old receipts I noticed I did not get 10% on entire purchase. I returned my entire purchase and drove an extra 15 miles to buy same items at Lowes. Who gives 10% on entire purchase. You need to make this clear to all people who think they are getting 10% on entire purchase….

  • Claire

    I asked for a military discount in Home Depot this past weekend and was given it happily (I was even in the self check-out).

    Claire – San Diego

  • Do you have to be in active duty to get a military discount at Home Depot some one please give me a answer and is it all Home Depots. I live in Ca. and i shop at Home Depot a lot

  • Mike, I have received an official answer from Home Depot and you can find it here: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2010/08/1

    I don’t know your military status but you might be eligible – definitely look and see.

  • mike

    all of last year, my wife and i renovated our home in az, all materials and services from the home depot. havind the 10% discount was great in this economy. up date! i was told i do not qualify any more because i’m not dissabled or active or retired or a dependant. now i’m mad, i spent 5 years in the navy, 3 tours in viet nam, i was injured but chose not to be classified as dissabled, i am now retired, 10% means alot to me, i like home depot over lowes, “better customer service” sighned mike in az. PS- lowes has no intention of dropping thier discount

  • felix f esposito

    I am a Vietnam Vet I never apllied for any VA benfits, but I need an Idetifiction card so I can get the discount that isoffered by Home Depoit. They were taking my DD214, but no longer do. How do I get an ID card.
    Thank You, Felix
    US 51 498 344

  • Dawn

    I was just at Home Depot in Columbia, SC and the cashier told me that today was the last day for the military discount and so I told her we would just go to Lowe’s and she stated they were not going to be offering it also. Could this be a local store decision and not from corporate?

  • Sabrina

    AS for the Home Depot discount, I went in and asked about this program while my husband was overseas, along with another program they were running to help military families in times of need with home repairs.I was told that we were not qualified! That the years my husband has spent didn’t matter, nor did my dissability.As for myself I have switched to Lowes, not only is the staff at our local store alot nicer they seem to go out of thier way to help us on any project we are into.

  • John M

    I was refused a military discount at Home Depot Spring Valley NY. I am renovating my kitchen and purchased from Lowe’s and Home Depot using my military discharge. No problem ever at Lowe’s. The customer service rep at about 8:00 tonight said “anyone can print up a discharge like that. I was extremely insulted, She questioned both my service and my honesty. 6/7/11 Good bye HD.

  • Jesse Coley

    I do not shop at Home Depot any more Lowe is my home Renovation and for anything I need for my home .Home Depot do not care about the military PERSON all Home depot want is MONEY.

  • Just came from my local Home Depot in Wasilla Alaska and was denied my discount which I have enjoyed for along time..not disabled enough…those tour of Viet Nam in 1968-1969 were just not enough…Lowes will gladly help in this situation….Home Depot ..you suck

  • Gene

    Was refused the military discount at HD in Bluffton, SC when I had just used it in NH weeks ago. Guess they don’t want my business anymore. Have built an entire house with lumber windows etc. at HD spent thousands and they do this. I gave my time in the military and I guess it isn’t good enough to qualify.

  • Tim

    I was just refused my military discount at the home depot in Virginia Beach one of the biggest military towns in the country. I just used it in New Jersey 4 days ago. I also have remolded my entire house using this home depot. The cashier said I have to register before I can get the discount. Lowes here I come.

  • jim phillips

    The Home Depots in Aberdeen, Edgewood and Bel Air, maryland give the military discount. All you do is ask and show your ID and you get it,