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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • jessica

    oh no, theres go my masters degree.

  • Kate, I’m sighing right with you – and I am taking a few classes through MyCAA as well (ok, my husband says I’m addicted to academia). I, too, thought the program was a bit unstructured and was concerned about its longevity.

    Keeping my fingers crossed with you! See you at milblogger!

  • Sharline R-Coy.

    Yeah, this was definitely one of those “too good to be true” programs. That’s why it’s so important to have a backup plan for school. I used MyCAA for two semesters, but each time I took out loans just in case and applied for scholarships. $6,000 only takes you so far, anyway. I guess this goes to show you: gotta get the gettin’ while the gettin’s good!

  • Jesse Maldonado

    It is true that the program was good. I am sure many spouses received benefits under this program and are appreciative. However, it is not the representatives fault. They take pride in assisting spouses of our military in seeking education. I am sure the representatives who pick up the phone to assist you on a daily basis are going through the same frustrations as you are and wondering if they will be employed tomorrow. I am sure they would like to know the answers as you all do. Unfortunately, they are left in the dark as to the future of the program as everyone else is. Also, any new program has its problems that need to be sorted out. Nothing is ever perfect in the beginning. It only gets better through trial and error. My advice is to possibly start an online petition of the many people that feel this is wrong. This should also be followed by a letter to a congressman who understands the importance of a program like this. This petition may very well give him/her the ammo needed to plead the case to the government about how the loss of funding will only cause more problems over an already struggling economy.

  • Lindsay

    I have been trying since early JAN to remove the financial block they had on MY CAA account because of overdue grades on a class that I was supposed to take in NOV, but dropped before it started because of my husbands work schedule left me hanging. Do you know that after 15 calls to local technical school as well as CAA through Military One Source, they finally removed the block over the phone FEB 16, and 10 minutes later when I went in to apply the funds to classes that start at my MO school in March, I found out through the website home page that the program was now halted. Apparently it wasn’t important enough to tell me when I was on the phone speaking to a human 10 minutes prior.

  • Jen

    It would have been nice to be told that they were doing this.. no notice means that I have no time to come up with other funds.. how great was that?

  • Lindsay

    The best part, they offered me an email that contained a bunch of scholarships that I could try an apply to. Each scholarship listed in the email had already reached it’s deadline for submissions.

  • I am a Military Education Advisor for California Coast University as well as a former Staff Sergeant and 8 year Veteran of the US Army and I want to be sure to let all of you know that there are still many options available to you. Many schools, I am sure will take on much of the burden of this program haultin to assist you in your education eeds, MyCAA or not. I know that in this situation you may feel as though you have been dumped, but that is not the issue. Stay positive and steadfast as there will be options available soon.


  • dizzylizzie


    no disrespect man but i think half the spouses would like nothing more than to tear the DOD limb from limb. this brilliant move by the powers that be just put most of us thousands in debt. the very thing we were trying to AVOID.

    we didnt even warrent an EMAIL, thats how little they care about us.

    ive heard the old adage “if the army wanted soldiers to have wives they’d have issued them” but i never really believed they felt that way. until now. we didnt just get dumped on, we got royally screwed.

    we tried the post 9/11 gi bill last year, what a joke. so much paperwork and red tape, then after getting “approved” they restructured the program and kicked us off WITHOUT telling us. so my school files to get their payment and gets a kickback that we were denied. the reason? “other” and noone at the DOD or VA could figure out what “other” meant. now he’s got less than the required 4 years on his contract so we dont qualify. whereas, last year WE DID.

    now this from mycaa!! this is how the DOD thanks us for our services and sacrifices. really? REALLY??

    ive been an army wife for 12 years, been through 3 kids and 4 wartime deployments and i gotta say IVE NEVER BEEN SO MAD IN MY LIFE! i never should have trusted the DOD, with something this important. NEVER.

  • Miranda

    The thing that upset me the most about this whole thing is not that they could no longer provide funding for our education, hey..it happens in this economy no one is really financially sound right now. Rather, it is the fact that funding was pulled WITHOUT NOTICE and WITHOUT EXPLORING OTHER OPTIONS FOR FUNDING. They could have gone to congress.. all of this money was promised and thousands of men and women were depending on it, but there was no exploration of other options to at least cover the money that had already been approved. My education will cost over 10,000 next year at a major university, the 6000 awarded by MyCaa was a major part of that..it would have payed for an entire semester. And because I had been approved for the funding, I did not try anything else, such as FASFA and other grants and scholarships. Thanks to MyCaa’s disorganization and irresponsible actions, I now get to take a semester off to work and save up for tuition and hope a few grants come along. A little warning would have been very helpful, and honestly I think they need to answer for this!!

  • John Stevens

    I must advise all of you to be careful in who you trust your information to at MYCAA. It has come to my attention not all these representatives have the necessary educational background to assist properly. Just be careful. Surprising that the government did not catch this individual in the background check.