What's the Difference? Egg Sizes

I was at the commissary yesterday, and they were out of the eggs that I usually buy.  I started checking out the other options, and decided that I’m easily confused by egg sizes.  How do I know what the difference in sizes means?  Which is the better value?  I came home, did some research, and here’s what I’ve found:

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  • There are six sizes available:  Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small and Peewee.  Eggs are sized by their weight per dozen. 
EGG SIZEOz. Per Dozen
Extra Large27
  • Most eggs sold in the grocery stores are Extra Large, Large or Medium, with Mediums being less common.
  • Any size egg can be used for scrambling, frying, poaching or hard-boiling.
  • Most recipes are calibrated for large eggs.  You may substitute between sizes as long as the egg isn’t a crucial ingredient in a delicate baked good, such as a souffle.  Extra large eggs may be substituted 1-for-1 with large eggs until you reach six large eggs, at which point you would use only five extra large eggs.
  • For a $1.00 dozen of large eggs, the equivalent price of extra large eggs would be $1.12.  If you are looking to purchase the most economical, use that as a guide to check out which prices are better.  In the eggs I buy, the extra large eggs are only 10 cents more per pound, which makes them a better value.  (And I’m buying expensive eggs.)

Well, now I know that it isn’t complicated at all.  I’ll continue to buy the extra larges as long as they are the most economical, and I won’t worry if I have to buy large or medium.  As long as I’m not making something that is very fragile or contains a lot of eggs, the difference in size shouldn’t change the results of my recipes.

And now I know!

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