More Free Antibiotics (Prenatal Vitamins, too!)

I’m not sure if there’s a connection, but I read in my local Giant grocery store advertisement that they are offering free antibiotics now, too.  The list of included medications is available here.  Giant stores are located in Virginia, Maryland, D.C. and Delaware.  If you are not close to a military pharmacy, this might be a way to save on those medications!

According to my research, free antibiotics can now been found at the following chains:

Stop & Shop (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York & Rhode Island)
Publix (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama & Tennessee)
United Supermarkets (Texas)
Schnucks (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi & Iowa)
Meijer (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan & Kentucky)
Reasor’s Foods (Oklahoma)
Giant (Virginia, DC, Maryland & Delaware

The details, including dates of the offer and included antibiotics, varies by store.  Some stores are also offering free prenatal vitamins.

Have any of you tried this offer, or do you know of any other chains with a similiar offer?  Let us know!

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