A Small Way to Make a Little Cash

A friend recently introduced me to an on-line survey program called Partnership-Plus.  From the website, Partnership-Plus is made up of people just like you who tell us about
the new clothes they get each month. Clothing manufacturers and stores
use this information to study the kinds of clothes people buy and
receive. Being a member of Partnership-Plus gives you the opportunity
to help put the clothes you like in more stores.

Want to learn more?

Once you register,
you log on to Partnership-Plus each month and tell them about your
clothing purchases for the last month, including the style, brand,
store, price, and materials.  They recommend that you keep your tags and receipts together, or use their handy downloadable record.  You will earn points for your
participation, and the points can be used for gift cards or actual cash.
By my calculations, if you filled out the survey every month, within
the first five days of the following month, for one year, you would
have enough points to receive a $50 check.
The program even works if you don’t purchase any clothes – just log in
and indicate that you did not make any purchases in the prior month.

The registration page indicates that they use some type of criteria
to select participants.  I haven’t heard of anyone being turned down
yet, though I suppose it might happen.  I joined in July and have filled out two surveys so far.  They took between ten and fifteen minutes each.  I’m delighted that they send out reminder emails, as sometimes I get distracted and forget about little things like this.

It seems to be a program worth your consideration.  I think that $50 a year for about three hours of time is a nice way to make a little extra money!  If you try it, check back and let us know what you think.

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • louisa


  • louisa

    shirt from walmart

  • Caryl

    I used them awhile ago but when I stopped buying clothes monthly so I could spend on other items they dropped me from the program. So you have to be able to buy clothes on a regular basis.

  • Randy Hebner

    I am wondering, IF I join and get paid, does this count against me and my 100%, Uncle Sam looks for any way he can to make cut backs, does anyone know if this would affect disability?

  • Andrew

    I am full time as well and have tried some things that have not worked like thisI have started an online travel business and I have actually replaced my E-7 pay go to http://www.travelspearsnow.paradisenetwork.com (VERY SIMPLE) and check it out I am on the global as well andrew spears SFC


    Sorry, but I believe in going to macy’s ($1179.42 of children clothing, 61 items of shirts, pants, jackets, skirts, dresses for $161.50), dillard’s and nordstrom’s clearance sales. You can save over 75% on new merchandise, with an extra 40% to 50% of lowest ticketed price and most times they have bounus coupons for and extra 15-25% off your total purchase. So you can’t beat this. Also, if you go to disneystore.com they have clearances. I was able to get $60.00 winter coats, pants, shoes, shirts, socks, skorts or 53 items for $153.59 and because I used my disney visa I got and additional 20% off total and got free shipping.
    I have tried the on-line clubs and it is more to their advantage than yours. A mere $50.00 for a year’s worth of work? Plus most want your social security number for tax purposes. With clearance sales you see immediate savings and no taxes to uncle sam!!!!!!!!!

  • Gretchen

    This site is supposed to be for smart financial choices right? What is smart about going out clothes shopping every single month and then writing about the items you purchased to earn extra money? How about buying when you really need something and saving your shopping spree money in a high yield savings account, buying a sound mutual fund or stopping your shopping habit and paying off your debt. This is really irresponsible advice from Military.com.

  • Kate

    Wow, Gretchen, I’m sorry that you feel that way. I absolutely agree with you that it is smart to only purchase items that you need. I personally don’t buy new clothes every single month, but most people do purchase new clothes occasionally. I see this program as a painless way to make a few dollars without spending any money at all. You sound like you know a lot about personal finance – I look forward to your contributions to the site.

  • Carol, you sound like a super shopper! It might take you a little bit longer to input all those purchases. My 10-15 minute estimate was for the few items I purchased in the last months.

  • for real not for pla

    If you receive disability from the VA under 100% unemployability or VA Pension yes that income does count. but if you receive 100% disability under Compensation, no worries there:-)

  • Sherrie

    Whether you find this information helpful or not, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you feel like spending the time, do it! If not, then don’t. But seems like an easy $50 to me… Feel free to visit my Military Spouses group on Facebook for more helpful financial information, and a chance to connect with others in your shoes.

  • Joann Campbell

    I was turned down for the clothes survey.

  • Lori

    I just tried to sign up and it said that they do not need anyone else.

  • Don A. Myles Jr.

    I would like to make a little extra cash.

  • Oh, my goodness! Do you think that we flooded them? (I don’t really think so, but wouldn’t that be sort of interesting?) Perhaps if you check back in a few months?

  • Wayne Macejak

    Reply to Randy Hebner’s comment of 9/5/08, if you are collecting VA disability COMPENSATION there is no problem with collecting extra money. If you are receiving VA disability PENSION, then all income counts towards your entitlement to PENSION and based on additional income,your pension could be reduced.
    Wayne Macejak
    Service Officer-American Legion


    I tried to sign up and was told they did not need any one else. i should have looked further on this page before i went to the website and gave them any info about me. I beleive that they are lureing people to there site to compile a list with your information to sell to companies for demographics or maybe take their surveys. I do not think Militaty.com shouldnot have this on their site

  • Gary Carvella

    Go to Pinecone Reseach. I have been filling out surveys for 3 years or so. Payment is $3.00 per survey and they will deposit to Pay Pal. No form at the end of the year either. You can even get free samples sometime on products. You are welcom to contact me if you have any questions.
    E-6 Carvella (retired)

  • Gary Carvella

    I forgot if you do not have my email address you cannot get to me.
    It is docwop@stny.rr.com. Yes I am(was) a Medic,Hospitalman and I am Italian. The Marines gave me the name and I am proud of it.

  • Carmen Sanchez

    To Gary,
    I am with you. I am a participant of Pinecone Research and I like very much. Nothing to buy or ‎spend. I get a check almost every two weeks for answering question about everything and NO ‎social security # is ever asked. I have other programs that I participate, but at the moment do not ‎recalls the names (at lunch at work). I will try to remember for next time I check the Military ‎post…. ‎

  • I am ready to make the cash. I buy clothes often from my online page and will be glad to complete a survey if it’s going to benefit shoppers.

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  • This is informative. But yeah, we should be wise what items we are going to purchase so we can get our money’s worth. Don’t spend more than what you earn.